Hello reader! 

My name's Faye and I can't wink, although I wish I could. This blog is the space where I like to document stuff; mainly fashion with a sprinkling of travel, beauty and other things thrown in.

Here are 3 facts about me

1. I like cheese, but only certain types of cheese. Pizza is my favourite food, but the thought of a cheese fondue makes me want to run for the hills. I love a strong cheddar, but mild cheese you get from the supermarket that's pre-grated in a bag - forget it. And those Primula type squeezy cheeses in a tube - oh God. I'm an enigma shrouded in a mystery. I just like to see or handle the cheese myself before I can commit to eating it.

2. If I haven't painted my nails I feel weird and like I've given up on life, my mum even asks me if I'm okay. However I'll go for days without seeing a hairbrush. 

3. Once, I was now defunct cable television channel Trouble, helping my friend dye her hair as part of a 'makeover'. Weirdly, I don't get recognised in the street. 

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