The best yoga channels for pregnancy

I love yoga and have been doing it for about 5 years now, mostly via YouTube, although I did enjoy the odd class in the >~!before times~$! I am in no way some sort of expert, or even particularly "good" at it (still can't touch my heels to the floor in downward dog!) but it really helps to calm and centre me, especially during pregnancy. 

I initially found it difficult to find good quality pregnancy specific yoga videos/people on YouTube, but now I am 8 months pregnant I have curated quite the playlist, which you can find here if you wish. Here are some of my faves:

Sarah Beth Yoga 

I loved Sarah Beth's videos before I was pregnant (she does mainly non-pregnancy videos) and her style very much suits me. She doesn't waffle but just talks through the sequence calmly and provides helpful modifications if applicable. Her videos are easy to follow even if you are a beginner, and she does a lot of short sessions which I appreciate. 

Lucy Flow

Lucy is a fairly new discovery, she is a British yoga teacher who does 'Serene in 15' yoga flows. There are only a few on YouTube as I believe most are on her paid-for subscription service, but the small selection available are very calming, soothing and really lovely to do. They concentrate on sorting out niggling issues like back pain and actually work. 

Harlow's Earth 

Cassie from Harlow's Earth has created a prenatal yoga series with a yoga video for each week of pregnancy (Week 1 - Week 40) which is such an amazing free resource! Most sequences are at least 25 minutes and are a mix of active and relaxing moves. I feel like I've had more of an actual workout after doing her sessions as she loves a chair pose and a squat! There is a lovely savasana at the end of each video which is wonderful to finish on. 

Bettina Rae 

Bettina's channel is a gem because she has tailored videos for coping with miscarriage, trying to conceive, being pregnant after loss and anxiety in early pregnancy. She also focuses on pregnancy specific ailments such as aching back, sore legs and insomnia which are so helpful when you feel like crap! 


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