Money Diary during coronavirus

I very much enjoyed doing a money diary back in February (yep, seems like 10 years ago now!) so I thought I'd do another, in this brave NeW n0rmAl we find ourselves in. 

Monday 6th July

  • I went to the post office as I sold something on Depop £3.10
  • As we've recently moved house we've been gradually getting bits and bobs to make it look pretty. Wanted a rug for the front room - went for this one in the end, after A LOT of research. Finding a rug that's not a) one colour b) a million pounds and c) not a triangle based print is surprisingly tricky. £79.20
  • The direct debit for my veg box came out. We get an organic fruit and veg box from Abel & Cole delivered every week. I love opening it when it arrives, it's a bit like Christmas. Unless they send Pak Choi, which I hate. £15.75
  • Since moving, I have become obsessed with Facebook Marketplace. The previous tenants left a plethora of items in this house, including baby gates and lots of random items in the shed. Today I sold a tile cutter for £7. 

Tuesday 7th July

  • My vitamins had almost run out, so I purchased a top up. It was free delivery when you spent £30 so I thought I might as well buy two bottles at once. I buy all my vitamins from Cytoplan - the website was recommended to me by a nutritionist and their delivery is so quick! £30
  • I was doing my daily DuoLingo and an advert came up about the unthinkable situation in Yemen so I donated to Care International £20 

Wednesday 8th July

  • My friend has recently had a little girl and I went to see her for a socially distanced peek at the baby. I bought her other daughter a gingerbread man as I thought she might be feeling left out! £1.35

Thursday 9th July

  • It was definitely a McDonalds breakfast kind of day today. I've never actually had an egg McMuffin, for my shame, so that was a revelation. I had it without the cheese though, because plastic cheese is an abomination. I reckon I could live on McDonalds hash browns though £7.98 on two Mcdonald's breakfasts (not both for me)
  • My lovely auntie gave me a £50 cheque in a moving in card, so I paid that into my account. 

Friday 10th July

  • Went to my friend's house for a curry in her garden with another pal. Quorn bhuna, pilau rice, garlic naan, poppadoms, onion bhajis and chutneys. So good. £18.06 for my share
  • The direct debit for Hello Fresh came out. This is only the second week of starting this up again, simply because after so many days of cooking my dinner day in, day out, I cannot be bothered to decide what to eat every night! I won't carry this on for ages but wanted a bit of a break £27.99 for four meals.
  • Went to Tesco for the weekly shop. We have been spending a lot more on the weekly shop at the moment. At the start of lockdown it was at least £100 a week, it slowly going down but I'm very snacky at the moment and in a treat yourself mindset. Baking most weeks has also increased the bill somewhat. £67.49 

Sunday 12th July

  • Our cat Bluebell, was a house cat when we lived in a first floor flat, but now that we are in a house we are going to start letting her out. Advice says she needs a collar, so I ordered her a bougie one, because I love her and she deserves it. Rich wanted to get her a black one from Pets At Home, because for some reason he thinks she's a basic bitch £29.99 inc. postage.
  • We went to Somerset Lavender Farm, a place I have wanted to go for a long old time. It was very peaceful and lovely, would recommend highly. Rich paid the donation to go in and I paid for the snacks - we had a still lavender lemonade, a cheese scone (it was probably the best cheese scone I've ever had) with cheese and chutney, and some cheese crisps. Cheesy. I also bought a lavender plant to take home, along with some local honey £20.70

Total: £321.61

This was an above average spend, because of the rug purchase and the new Hello Fresh habit. Everything else is fairly standard - I mostly spend my money on food and excursions, and whilst I can't do as many excursions, then I will spend more money on food I suppose! Food's nice though innit. 

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