Top tip: Play games with your Alexa

This is the kind of blog post I was talking about writing when I wrote this post. Quick ideas and tips that in my opinion, have a high effort to reward ratio.

Rich and I have started playing games with our Alexa, and it is fun! Especially during lockdown, when you have lots more time to spend with whoever you're living with. Equally, if you're living alone, you can play games without having to sit through someone's else's crackly WiFi on FaceParty!

Ones we have tried include:

- Trivia Hero
- Pop Quiz (the 'theme' song to this is amusingly bad)
- Choose your own adventure

These are fun to play during a little break from work, or just before lights out at bedtime.

Alexa, you have ruined the name Alexa but you do have good games. 

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