My working from home routine

Since my first foray into documenting my morning routine, a lot has changed. I still love a routine though. Sets me up for the day and reminds me that I am, in fact, a person and not just a stretchy waistband blob who has to set an actual alarm on the Alexa to stop me from scrolling Tik Tok until my eyes start bleeding and fall out.

So this is what we do now.

Please note, all times are now (ish) due to the flexibility of time in this new world.


Alarm goes off. I have always been an early bird and I enjoy having an hour in the morning to myself much more than I enjoy sleeping. My alarm of choice is Alexa telling me the weather. This is a  gentle alarm and I like it. It's preferable to an actual Alexa alarm because that requires me having to tell her to stop, and I highly dislike having to talk as soon as I wake up, especially when she doesn't listen and I have to shout, making me feel annoyed as soon as I open my eyes. No-one wants that. However, as a counterpoint, sometimes this alarm is so gentle that I just go straight on back to sleep, as there is no sound I have to stop and nothing time sensitive I need to get up for. So sometimes 6am turns into 6:15am or 6:30am.


My cat, who used to be so pleased that I was getting up, could not care less about me anymore so I do a quick look around to see if she is going to grace me with her presence, or hide under the bed in safety. If she is around I might get a rare stand up cuddle which is cherished morning treat.


If my cat is nowhere to be found, I go ahead and make myself a lemon and ginger tea and do a quick tidy of the kitchen.


I retreat to my cosy armchair with my current book and a magazine. I read at least a chapter of my book and a bit of the magazine whilst I drink my tea. My magazines of choice are Heat, Grazia, Guardian Weekend and Vogue. I will also occasionally read interiors magazines and other newspaper supplements foisted upon me by my mother. Thanks mum!


Yoga time. I have made it my mission to do yoga every single day this year and so far I haven't missed a day! My favourite person is Sarah Beth Yoga, who is very calm and doesn't feel the need to fill every silence with flim flam. She also tells me well done a lot and says 'you are right where you need to be' which I find comforting but not wanky. I do a lot of Yoga With Adriene videos too, like everyone else. I appreciate very much that she has given us free yoga content for every ailment imaginable, but I have to confess I do find her a tiny bit annoying! It's the combination of talking for the sake of it, being 'goofy' and saying things that make 0 sense, like 'float to the top of the mat'. Rant over.


Sometimes I do a little bit more exercise from the Nike app, which is my fave working out resource because again there is no chat or 'encouraging' waffle, just a demo of the movements and then time to do the movements, punctuated by helpful beeps. This means I can listen to my own workout music which motivates me a whole lot more.


I swap my workout clothes for my dressing gown and take my vitamins before doing my morning skincare, then have a quick shower and get dressed in either jogging bottoms, shorts or if I'm feeling really fancy, pleather trousers. Never jeans though. I'm not a psychopath.


If it's a putting on make up day, I will shove on some concealer, blusher and mascara, or if I have more time, follow a make up tutorial for something to do. I like the tutorials from Lisa Eldridge and Jamie Genevieve.


Time to begin work. I start by checking my emails and to-do list.


I don't like eating as soon as I get up and only start to get hungry about 9am - most days I have a boiled egg or avocado on sourdough or rye toast with watercress or whatever herbs are hanging around in the fridge that need to be consumed. The other week I had pickled red cabbage which added a lovely tang to the proceedings. Sometimes I swap the bread for savoury welsh cakes which are delicious and pair perfectly with the egg.

That's basically it - I must say this routine is a lot nicer and more relaxing than my previous schedule. I could get used to it!

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