List of things I miss, don't miss, won't miss, will carry on

I saw this list on Man Repeller a few weeks ago and liked the idea, so thought I would do my own version. Obviously these are lighthearted, and it goes without saying that the things I miss the most are my family and friends, whilst also knowing I am very lucky to be safe at home.

Things I Miss

  • Browsing shops aimlessly with no sense of time, stopping for a drink and a cake
  • Seeing books I have ordered from the library are ready and coming home with a fresh stack
  • Having that second cocktail in a bar and embracing the warm, slightly tipsy feeling
  • Getting dressed with purpose and wearing shoes that aren't trainers or flip flops
  • Being able to keep up with the amount of podcasts I listen to
  • Planning trips to London and the anticipation of all the fun things I will do 
  • How excited my cat used to get seeing me in the morning and when I got home from work
  • Creating my monthly bullet journal spread and having actual events to add to my calendar
  • Seeing groups of people in a pub garden or park laughing, carefree and joyful

Things I Don't Miss

  • Commuting when it's absolutely pissing it down or when it's boiling 
  • Sweating all my make up off trying to walk down the hill to catch my bus in time 
  • Making my breakfast and lunch in a work kitchen and having to do the constant awkward I'm getting in your way you're getting in my way dance
  • London Victoria coach station at 4pm on a Sunday when my coach inevitably gets cancelled 

Things I Won't Miss

  • Feeling anxious before going to the supermarket 
  • Being confused about whether or not something that used to be a no-brainer is 'allowed' or not
  • Walking round and round my local streets. I've seen all there is to see now. I've seen EVERYTHING
  • Hearing "unprecedented/wild/crazy/worrying times" 50 x a day
  • My horribly uncomfortable work from home set up and triangular bottomed chair

Things I Will Carry On

  • Not bothering to use eyelash curlers - I used to use them every day but they make less of a difference than I thought. Special occasions only. 
  • Doing a longer yoga practice when possible. I never thought I'd be that guy but during lockdown I sometimes have to do two videos back to back to get my stretching fix.
  • Trusting my instincts with cooking - not following recipes so religiously or being afraid to substitute or omit ingredients. Necessity is the mother of invention as my mum drilled into me!
  • More baking, trying new methods and sharing the fruits of my labour 
  • Being more careful with my spending, and saving more 


  1. This is a fab idea! I'm loving yoga at the moment too and it's deffo something I'm going to carry on with! I get you with the podcasts too I'm like SLOW DOWN I CAN'T CATCH UP! hahaha!!

    1. Thank you! I know right - it's like I appreciate all your content but please only every few days haha

  2. Love this list idea! I definitely miss going into a physical shop for clothes, but don't miss my commute to work!

    1. Thanks :) Yep so much - just craving a good old browse!