How I use Pinterest to organise my life

I love Pinterest. It's such a fun, sparkly space without the heaviness of Twitter or the one-up-man-ship of Instagram. I think it gets overlooked somewhat because it is more lighthearted, but I find it to be an important resource not only for blogging but for general organisation. It is a real gem when it comes to finding recipes. outfit inspiration, home ideas and more, but actually implementing the pins you love can be left by the wayside.

This is the way I like to get the most out of Pinterest for organising things I love.

Sort boards into sections...

There are two main reason I use Pinterest: information and inspiration. For more informative, instructive boards (such as recipes) I love the section feature. It means I can use my Meal Ideas board effectively to menu plan, because I can think about the type of cuisine I fancy or a particular ingredient I need to use and then not have to trawl through loads of stuff to find what I need. See also: Nails, Homes, Bullet Journal. I use my boards for inspiration on these topics but I also want that inspiration to be neatly sectioned so I can access the bits that I need.

Sections also work really well with boards that have many different facets, like my Christmas board. I'm much more likely to actual do some festive nail art or make a Christmas cocktail if I know exactly where to find inspiration at a glance. 

...but only if it's necessary

On the flip side, for boards such as my Olsen Twins one, which only exists to make my eyes happy. I don't need there to be sections, it would be pointless. I don't go to this board to think 'which Olsen am I going to be today' but just to absorb their general Olsen-NESS. See also: SummerWildfoxPattern and Texture

Archive old boards

This is largely an aesthetic thing. I hate having boards that I no longer use, but don't want to get rid of completely, among my current boards. It's just messy and confusing things. A perfect example of this are my wedding boards. They are no longer in use for obvious reasons, but I had such fun making them and I still look at them from time to time for nostalgic reasons. And to laugh at how I thought I could achieve or afford the things in them. 

Use monthly boards

Sometimes I go so pin crazy that I can't keep up with all the fun things I want to try. This is when a monthly board comes in handy. I call it by the current month and year (so May 2020 at the moment) and then just rename it once the next month comes. If I see something such as a recipe I want to try immediately or a seasonal outfit I want to recreate, I pin it to that month's board, and it only gets moved to another board or deleted once I've tried it. That way, things I really want to have a go at don't get lost in the ether, and I also have inspiration on tap for when I meal plan or am racking my brains when I get dressed in the morning. I find this method really effective!

Pin, pin, pin!

If you want to use your Pinterest to grow your blog traffic, there are plenty of great resources about how to do that which go way beyond my technical expertise (like Jade Marie's guide which you can get here). However, a simple way I have found to boost traffic is to pin, pin, pin! Since I've been pinning more than usual, I have seen my impressions and engagement go up massively. It's an easy and fun thing to do whilst you're doing other things as well; during a phone call, while boiling the kettle, waiting for your nails to dry. It all adds up. Make sure you claim your blog as well.

Search your own pins

This might be obvious but I thought I'd add it nonetheless as it's a great feature if you know that you've pinned something in the past that you loved but can't remember where you saved it. This can also be helpful as some pins don't have captions so if you know that you want to cook, for example, an aubergine dish but can't be bothered to search through all your food pins, search aubergine then select 'your pins' on the right hand drop down. Then, even if you have pinned something without a caption, it only takes two seconds to open each aubergine post rather than trawling hundreds of pins in a board and having to open each one to see what it is. 

You can find my Pinterest here - happy pinning! 

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