My lockdown list & a template to create your own!

I have been seeing a lot of Instagram posts about the fact that you don't have to be productive during a global pandemic. And I totally agree. You're not just on gardening leave or cramming in a bit of your holiday time before the tax year finishes. Anxieties, worries are heightened, everything is unsure. A lot of us still have to work. Some of us have to look after kids or other family members AND work. Some days you will be mega productive and smash out meal prep for a week. Some days you* will eat the fruits of your**meal prep whilst completing Instagram stories, refreshing online scrabble to see if Karen from Hull has had her go and downloading the game 'Animal Resaurant'. *I **my

For the days when I want things to be getting on with, I have made a list I can refer to, with no pressure or time limit. A mix of the productive and the frivolous. Quick things to tick off and feel pleased about, and longer things to get stuck into on a weekend. I'm glad I made this list. Because whilst it is fine to have the odd day where I do shit all (but make GREAT progress on my decor for Animal Restaurant) I also want to feel like I am still a human doing 'normal stuff'. I like writing it in a non numbered list because it makes me feel like these are just options I could do if I wanted. No pressure to complete it within a timescale. That's what helps me to get through this odd period of time we are in now. And that is okay too, because everyone deals with stuff differently.

Here is my list!

Make vegan milk chocolate

I tried this last weekend, and it was somewhat of a fail! I used this recipe but my water and oil separated and I had to rescue it with some cow's milk, making it completely un-vegan. I managed to salvage it and still made it as there was no point wasting it. It is tasty but I have to say it is nothing at all like milk chocolate, even with actual milk in!

Clean make up brushes

Self explanatory, should be doing this much more tbh

Try and fix instagram link ban

For a good few months now, Instagram has not allowed me to include my blog link on my profile page. I can't even add it in when I'm trying to reply to a Facebook comment. It's super annoying. Someone from the Glow & Grow FB group suggested a fix, so I need to go back and try this. So far, nothing has worked so fingers crossed!

Sort out bedside drawer

It's chocka with earplugs (unused I swear), random leaflets and all kinds of crap

Re-join Duolingo and practice

Have started this one - hurrah!

Try and get money back from Scotland flights

We were supposed to be going to a wedding in May which sadly had to be cancelled. It was in Scotland, so I wanted to see if I could get a refund. I checked but you can only either re-arrange (we don't know the new day of the wedding yet) or try and get a refund once the flight is officially cancelled. Watch this space I guess!

Watch Mustang and discuss with Dad

Mustang is a Turkish film on Mubi, which I talked about on my March round up. My dad and I watched it separately. then discussed on the phone. We are going to select more international films on the Mubi website and do the same!

Do BOGUK bookworm badge

As a member of Girlguiding, apparently adults can also do badges! Some of them really need updating (Computer whizz anyone? Makes my heart hurt!) but doing badges really does speak to my inner Brownie. I'm going to be doing the bookworm badge and my geeky little self can't wait. *does Brownie salute*

Learn a Tik Tok dance

Completed it m8

Do some nail art

I used to be obsessed with nail art! I eased myself back in with a easy graphic design

Sew on Brownie badges

Even though I claimed just sentences ago that adults can do their own badges, whenever the Brownies or Guides do a badge I totally get one for myself as well. I took the Brownies on a sleepover to We The Curious, a science centre in Bristol, a couple of years ago and all the leaders had camp blankets with all their badges sewn on and I was totes jealous so I got myself a blanket. Still need to sew half of my badges on.

De-weed garden

The poor garden untouched since the summer. I de-weeded it last weekend whilst listening to Elis and John's podcast and it felt great.

Clean the oven

It is mega disgusting. I bought some white vinegar from Tesco and am going to tackle it with some baking soda and extreme elbow grease.

Take all photos for eBay and create drafts

Whilst I can't send stuff from the Post Office right now, the most boring part of selling on eBay is deffo preparing, photographing and create drafts. Once those things are done, it will feel so satisfying to be able to start selling!

Sort out make-up and nail varnish

I have so many nail polishes and lipsticks that I never wear. As we're moving house, I would rather not move with them.

Organise Pinterest boards

I love that you can now sort Pinterest into subsections. This works particularly well with recipes. I am going to compartmentalize my little heart out.

Work through all G & G bundles

Hopefully making my blog the best it can be!

Decorate pillow case

When I was little, my sister and I decorated some pillow cases with fabric pens and my parents kept them. The pillow I decorated is basically disentegrating with age so I am going to re-decorate one, thirty years on.

Sort out pics on phone

I used to be good at sorting out my pics every night and deleting any I didn't need - random screenshots, 4 photos of the same thing, memes from Whatsapp etc etc. I fell out of the habit and now I have loads of old rubbish on there. Be gone!

April bullet journal spread

Did this - some blossom, for Spring. Groundbreaking. Beauts tho, and needed now more than ever

Make chia seed pudding

Made this and had it for dessert with some tinned peaches. Creamy and glorious.

Look into moving blog to wordpress

Quite a big one this. Or is it? I literally have no idea. We'll see!

Take blog photos

I want to try and get some in the old library for future use!

That's it - for now.

If you like keeping busy too and want to make your own lockdown list, I have made a more generic template. I've purposely made the ideas vague so you can research and narrow down exactly what you want to do and create a bespoke list.


  1. I really like your energy on this post! It has given me motivation. I love how you have started some of the tasks already also!


  2. Thanks Tanya! I'm slowly working through them :)

  3. Hello from Atlanta! These are wonderful ideas. I've done a few (unsubscribing from emails and cleaning makeup brushes). I'm also waiting for an embroidery kit to arrive; it's been about 25 years since I last did any stitching. Thanks for a great list (and post!).

    1. Hi Ellen! That's great to hear :) Good luck with the embroidery, and thank you for your kind words about my post!

      Faye x