Notes from February 2020

Spring soon. Rejoice! Meanwhile, this month I have been...


  • 'How I get by' a Vice series about how people make ends meet, is eye opening, sometimes bleak but also hopeful. Makes you realise how hard people work for things you often take for granted. 
  • When Romy and Michele have a quote for every occasion. 
  • As I have no doubt banged on about before, I love Dawson's Creek. These episode reviews have made me laugh a lot. Particularly the descriptions of Dawson's hair. If you know you know. 
  • Unbelievable stories that came from the response to a tweet, explored.
  • These wardrobe resolutions are genuinely helpful
  • This article about Ultra Processed Foods is scarily interesting, and reveals how out of touch modern food guidance is, as well as how complex it is to navigate what is actually healthy in modern times. Literally, food for thought. 
  • I feel like I could have written this, about wanting to embrace un-productivity, myself
  • Googly eyes on broken things is so cute! 


- Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid - This book, about a black babysitter who gets accused of stealing the child she's looking after in a supermarket, was mega hyped and it was a good read which I did fly through quickly, wanting to know what happened. Apart from the interesting subject matter however, I don't think it warrants all the hype it's getting, and the characters are pretty one-dimensional.

- Sharp: The Women Who Made an Art of Having an Opinion by Michelle Dean. This book is about various women throughout history who have made a mark within the media, e.g. Susan Sontag and Nora Ephron. Each chapter was about a different woman, and some of their stories interlinked. I can't lie, all the women kind of merged into one for me - they all worked at various NYC publications, had similar career trajectories and I just couldn't remember who was who. Sounds a bit dumb but there were no pictures and I really think this would have helped differentiate!

- The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh.I read this because one of my favourite bloggers, Chloe Plumstead, said it was her favourite book of 2019. I am in love with Chloe's writing and for that reason, I wanted to love it but sadly I did not. It's a dystopian novel about 4 women who have to live on an island because the mainland is 'poisoned' by men. The main issue for me was that it was all just too confusing - I didn't know what was what. I think that was the reader's intention, but it is not a situation I enjoy. Also found the writing a bit too airy (is this a word?)

- From the Mixed up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler This is a children's book about two kids who run away from home and live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It was recommended by Gretchen Rubin, queen of children's literature. It was charming and I liked it, but I think reading it in childhood for the first time would make it more of a beloved favourite.

- What to Eat: Food That’s Good for Your Health, Pocket and Plate by Joanna Blythman I love reading about food, whether it's recipes, trends or health, it all fascinates me. This book, by a renowned food journalist, covers different food groups (vegetables, fruits, meat, grains etc.) and goes into detail about how they are grown, if they are environmentally friendly, how much they cost and how to eat them. The food geek in me was enthralled. I got this copy out of the library but will be purchasing it for sure, as it is perfect to reference throughout the year.


The cinema has been calling me this month. I went three times - to see Queen & Slim (7/10), 1917 (9/10) and Greed (6/10). On Netflix I have been bingeing on Cheer (of course you've heard of it, and I'll just leave this video here for you), Next in Fashion (Alexa's outfits THOUGH) and the film Horse Girl, starring my love Alison Brie (it was weird but good).


The Queen & Slim Soundtrack has a multitude of bangers, and podcast wise I've particularly enjoyed two Hip Hop Saved my Life episodes -  Harvey from So Solid Crew (the memories!) and comedian Judi Love whose voice alone makes me happy. Ian Wright on Desert Island Discs was also an unexpected tear jerker - so sweet!


Jerk Aubergine and coconut rice is my favourite recipe discovery this month - quick, easy umami goodness. In the obsession corner, I preserved some lemons (which is incredibly easy) and I am hooked on their tang. I ate them with every meal going and now have some more on the go. They add that much needed kick to everything savoury.  I also had a banana split which was a fun trip down memory lane - they were my mum's go to dessert when we were little.


This skirt is unbearably cute. I wish it wasn't more than £100. Split hem leggings or trousers are also on my radar - WATCH THIS SPACE.

Enjoying on Instagram

  • I love the set up of this shot - very cool
  • I can't stop looking at this outfit. The colours are perfection. 
  • A great zero waste hack I would like to try

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