7 women I would like to meet

Women are the best. To celebrate International Women's Day on 8th March, here are some women I would very much like to have a nice cup of tea and a sit down with.

Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton

Pandora and Dolly are the co-creators of one of my favourite podcasts, The High Low. To be honest when I first started listening to this podcast, under it's previous name (The PanDolly podcast) I admit I rolled my eyes a bit and thought oh here we go two privileged women yammering on. But something kept me listening, and I realised that it was actually super insightful and interesting. I like Pandora Sykes, because her fashion sense is amazing and she speaks so articulately about every topic she discusses. I would love to sit down and have a chat with her! In fact I would also like her to take me shopping. I love Dolly because her book is one of the best books I have ever read and I think she would be the most fun.

Jane Garvey

Jane is one of the hosts of Woman's Hour, which despite having an old woman reputation discusses a lot more than typical old woman topics. I love Jane because she is so down to earth and she really amuses me on the podcast. I think she has a great way with guests, friendly but not afraid to ask controversial questions. She is also very self deprecating, a trait which has been getting a bit of flack recently in this lean in get it girl 2019 wokeness, but nevertheless it makes me laugh. Her work is also much appreciated in the podcast Fortunately with Fi and Jane, where she chats with Fi Glover and random guests. Much hilarity ensues.

The Receipts podcast girls

Tolly T, Audrey and Milena Sanchez host The Receipts podcast (these aren't all women from podcasts I swear) and their personalities are just so captivating I could (and do) listen to them speak for hours. They talk a mile a minute and have opinions about everything. Something I really admire about them is that they prove that you can have different opinions on some things but still have diplomatic, reasonable discussions and respect each other's views. I think this is especially important when the media love to pit women against each other. They are also hilarious.

Jacqueline Wilson

A nostalgic one - I have loved Jacqueline Wilson's books since I was little (plot twist I still read them often) and every interview I watch or read about her she just seems so lovely and I want her to be my adopted auntie! I think she really gets younger people without talking down to them or trying to be cool. I'm waiting for her to to a book signing in Bristol so I can take my Brownies under the guise that it's a day out for them and not me!

Sharmadean Reid

I have been a big fan of WAH nails since they launched in 2009, but I had not really seen any interviews with Sharmadean Reid until she did an 'In the Bathroom with' with Sali Hughes. She is so articulate, calm and just has a lovely way about her. I found her advice to be spot on and I love the way she does things.

Haley Nahmen

Haley is the features director at Man Repeller (although she has just handed in her notice, sob), aka the best and most entertaining website of all time. I love her articles, I love her style and I love her Instagram profile. I would love to sit down and have a chat to her about style, writing, New York and everything in between.

Judy Blume

I've left the best until last. Judy Blume's books were my childhood. I spoke about loving the 'mundane' things in life in this blog post, and I think Judy Blume played a big part of that. She took teenagers' ordinary lives and thoughts and made them fascinating to me. She discussed taboo topics and made them normal. I think if I ever was lucky enough to meet her I would just burst into tears. I recently found out she owns a bookshop in Key West, Florida and I'm trying to convince my husband that we definitely need to have our next holiday there!

Which women would you love to meet?

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