Notes from January 2020

I meant to do a December round up, but then it got further and further away from December and it just didn't happen. Lucky really as all I basically did was eat. Here is January's instead.


  • How to draw a Horse (spoiler alert - it's not really about how to draw a horse)
  • The best skincare trick? Be Rich - I love this article because I am so sick of seeing videos like 'Rosie Huntington Whiteley's Guide to Perfect Baby Skin' as if having her skin can be obtained by simply drinking more water and purchasing Creme de la Mer for hundreds of pounds, and isn't the result of a) great genes and b) being able to live an expensive lifestyle. 
  • I love the way Gretchen Rubin's mind works, and how she makes everyday things into exciting projects. Here she talks about her 2020 goal to visit the Met museum in New York every day it is open.
  • I've never wanted to go to a bar more.
  • These life lessons from older women are lovely.
  • Photos from NY fashion week 'street style' in the 1990s - I love these photos and the blurb behind how they were taken. 
Books I have read in January include:
  • My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite. I read this over the course of about two days because the chapters are real short and it sucks you in to reading more. It was an unusual story with some dark humour, and I liked it. 
  • On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong was recommended by Dolly Alderton on the High Low podcast The author is a poet so the writing is very flowery and expressive which I liked 65% of the time. The other 35% of the time I found it a bit much. The story was still very powerful and evocative though so I would recommend it. 


  • I finished watching Orange Is the New Black, which I think at 7 series did somewhat outstay its welcome but I thought the finale was very fitting and obviously I still cried. 
  • Netflix FINALLY added Drag Race All Stars (albeit only the most recent series) which as always was an utter delight, but SPOILER ALERT I'm not sure how I feel about the double crowning. Also it's weird that they film them all getting crowned and then only show the audience the actual winner. Very underwhelming.
  • Speaking of Netflix, I have started watching Rhythm and Flow, which is basically X Factor for rapping, and like X Factor, is mindless entertainment, but with Cardi B who is infinitely better than Simon Cowell.  
  • A absolute gem I watched this month (or maybe December, who even knows) is This Country on BBC Three. It's not new but I haven't heard a lot of hype about it but I was cracking up at every episode. It's a mockumetntary about two cousins living in a bit of a forgotten village in the Cotswolds so it can be bleak at times but it's so so watchable and I can't wait for the final series in March. 
  • Film wise, I watched Little Women which I knew would be wonderful seeing as it's directed by my love Greta Gerwig and starring my love Saorsie Ronan. I have also now added Florence Pugh to this list of loves. 
  • I have also been watching this video on repeat, and cackling with laughter every single time. Just trust me.  


The How Do You Cope podcast with Sally Phillips, who has a son with Down's Syndrome, was an entertaining and interesting listen. You so rarely hear stories about disabled people, particularly stories that aren't all doom and gloom. This chat was definitely sad at times but it was also uplifting and funny. 


I have decided to get a weekly organic veg box, so I have mostly been overwhelmed with the amount of veg I now have in my fridge and desperately searching for recipes to use it all. Seriously though, it is a great way to base your meals around vegetables. Yesterday we had this and tonight we had this. I feel virtuous. 


I have basically been doing shit all to be honest. I haven't posted on Instagram since the beginning of the month and I so badly want it to be Spring so I can at least get up in the AM to lightness outside. I was ill for about a week, which I blame on the following: a) stuffing my face with chocolate for two solid weeks. At one point I was spreading Ferrero Rocher on toast like it was Nutella (side note, would wholeheartedly recommend this) and b) the boiler breaking and leaking all over the cupboard which meant the flat was freezing and, as I kept telling my husband, I caught a chill like a sickly Victorian. 

Oh I did actually go to London with my friend Rosie which was fun - we had school puddings from Caramel Tart and went to various exhibitions. Small rant coming up too - we stayed at a hotel in Canary Wharf (most confusing area of London to navigate IN THE WORLD by the way) and on Saturday night we thought we'd go to Pizza Pilgrims nearby for dinner. We got there and it was tres busy but they said they had space on a communal table downstairs, which was fine. We went downstairs and it was a foosball table with stools. The foosball table still had the lever things sticking out and the stools were the same height as the table meaning we would have had to hunch over to eat our food. I'm all for a spot of retro fun in a restaurant and all that but I draw the line at eating a pizza like a hunchback with long poles digging into my leg. We left and got room service. 

Enjoying on Instagram

I've barely been on Instagram this month so I don't have anything to report. 

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