12 Habits - 30 Days of De-cluttering

Thoughts about this habit:

  • The 30 day de-cluttering list I picked I did not read through before selecting, as I liked the idea of not knowing until the day of what I would be decluttering. I read the first few and thought they sounded good but in hindsight, deffo should have read it all through first. Some of the prompts did not apply to me, or I had already done (I'm so organised you see). I wish I had used Pinterest to compile my own list so I knew to put bigger tasks when I had more time (e.g. the weekend), and smaller quicker activities when I only had 15 minutes to spare (e.g. on days I do Brownies and Guides and basically want to fall straight into bed when I get home) 

  • As a result, I tended to group activities together on one day, which wasn't really in the spirit of doing a daily habit! 

  • As mentioned above, some of the tasks just didn't relate to me at all. For example, turning VHS tapes into DVDs, re-selling high end handbags, taking old pens to restaurants for waiters (random!)

  • As also mentioned above, a lot of the things I had already done or do tend to keep on top of, like de-cluttering my beauty products, recycling old magazines/greetings cards and unsubscribing to unnecessary marketing emails. So whilst these are all good ideas, had I read through the list to begin with I would have seen these and been more likely to create my own list, replacing these with more relevant tasks. 

  • Despite all these negative points, I still managed to de-clutter many areas of my life so all in all, I am going to hail this habit a success. My food cupboards are organised and easy to navigate. I have a list of pantry staples to use up which helps with meal planning. I have re-purposed my old, posh candles to use as trinket boxes for my hair clips and hair bands. My Tupperware cupboard looks wonderfully in order.  

For December, I'm giving myself a break because it's Christmas and I have written a lovely list of festive things to do in my bullet journal so I am going to prioritize fun!  

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