12 Habits - Wearing lipstick every day

October's habit was to wear lipstick every day, and it was a fun one. Disclaimer - I wore my lipstick every day apart from 3 days - twice when I was ill and didn't leave my flat, and once when I had a no make up Saturday.

Some things I learned:

- My husband hated it, because it meant that I gave him a really Victorian, chaste type of kiss before I left for work in the morning, as I didn't want my lipstick to smudge. He explicitly wanted me to mention that he didn't like this habit, such was his disdain.

- Keeping up lipstick wearing is hardcore, especially if it's a bright red or similarly attention grabbing shade. You have to constantly check for chin smudging, particularly if you like to eat food which requires you to open your mouth wide, which is the best kind of food amirite.

- I much prefer more subtle, pinky-brown lipsticks for daytime, and I have become very fond of a creamy lipstick cum pencil style situation. In particular, this delightful creation from Bite (which I acquired from one of my friends, and I can see is sadly not available in the UK). I also see they call it a 'creme matte lip crayon' and not a 'creamy lipstick cum pencil style situation'. Weird. My apologies.

- It was quite fun to choose a daily lipstick, almost like a treat. It made me feel much more put together, and often elevated an outfit to add a certain air of sophistication.  In particular, red with a bright sweater, which made a casual outfit into much more of a look. Basically I felt more like a grown up, and swanned around with an air of needing to fax important documents to Patricia from head office.

Overall, a fun habit and I will deffo be reaching for a subtle lip colour a lot more often. Sorry husband!

Next month's habit is to do 30 days of de-cluttering

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