Notes from August

Goodbye August. I always feel like I don't make the most of you.


  • This article about Justin Bobby from The Hills made me do a real life lol  
  • An interview with someone who scouts books that would make good films. Where do I sign up for this perfect job? 
  • You know when some things are so true but you don't realise it until someone points them out? 
  • This poem is about oranges and it is great. I have now added a Wendy Cope poetry book to my library list. 
Books I have read are:
  • Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume (childhood fave),
  • Nora Webster by Colm Tobion (not as good as Brooklyn but a gentle, amusing read)
  • This is not a diet book by Bee Wilson (lovely practical advice, am going to purchase)
  • Sandwich: A Global History also by Bee Wilson (fairly interesting)
  • Convenience Store Woman (Loved this book; quirky and comical)
  • Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng (5 stars)
  • Heartburn by Nora Ephron, which was fine but depressed me a bit. Made me sad as it is one of Dolly Alderton's faves and therefore I wanted to like it so I COULD BE LIKE HER. 


So Drake made my life complete and brought out Care Package on Spotify, which is a collection of his old B sides and general random internet songs, including Trust Issues, my one and only true love. I have been campaigning for this for a year: proof. I also heard Dermot Kennedy on Romesh Ranganathan's podcast and I looooove his voice.

I have been listening to a shit load of podcasts this month as I have a task at work that is long but doesn't require much brain power. Fave episodes include:


The new series of Stath Lets Flats is out and it makes me weak with laughter. Rich and I watched The Founder, about the man who created McDonalds (spoiler alert: he's a prick). I have latched on to my friend's Now TV so I have been enjoying Ru Paul's Drag Race All Stars (obviously phenomenal but not as great as the main series) and Hills: New Beginnings. I also watched Yesterday at the cinema which was a heart warmer. Lion King was good but not a patch on the original, plus it was weird that the animals had emotions but no facial expressions because they were trying to be too real. I watched  You on Netflix which I found creepy yet compelling.

Loving on Instagram

  • Saw this coat in H&M. Saw it again and want it even more
  • Not usually a fan of this style of retro trainer but love these a whooollle bunch.
  • I love this jacket and I love the way this is shot 
  • Some great life advice from Gretchen Rubin 
  • This building looks like its from the 1950s . Now top of my London list
  • Obsessed with this colour combo


I have been told to eat Tempeh for protein and I found some with a maple BBQ marinade in my local health food shop and let me tell you the subsequent BLT sandwich I made with it was summin' else. It's bloody expensive mind. I went to Eggbreak in Notting Hill which was BANGING, I love a niche concept for a restaurant if it is done right, and they have some unusual egg dishes as well as non-egg items too.


I went to my cousin's wedding and it was so much fun - there were llamas and a full on pizza van in the evening! My work had a volunteering day and we helped out at a care farm, doing weeding, animal feeding and so on. There were pigs with massive teeth and they were GREAT. I stroked many a guinea pig and sorted out a vegetable patch. I came home with a cucumber and a marrow and I felt very wholesome.  Rich and I attended a Jurassic Park screening at Bristol Zoo which was mega cute (we saw a shooting star - I think!) but as per usual, I underestimated how cold it would be so I froze my ass off. 

Bye bye summer 2019. September is my birthday month!

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