7 Good habits I already practice

Over the past year or so, probably coinciding with starting my bullet journal in fact, I've become a lot more interested in self development and self improvement. I think it's tallied with some personal stuff, which has meant I needed a shift in focus and something new to concentrate on.

I would like to talk about the topic of personal development more on my blog in general, but I'm going to start with habits.

Habits are mentioned a whole lot when it comes to self improvement (for good reason) and whilst obviously the intention of creating good habits is to enhance your life, it can sometimes feel like if you don't achieve them you are a failure. I'm really not a lover of motivational quotes (other than a few select phrases here and there) but 'don't forget how badly you once wanted what you have now' is very true and I think it's important to remember how far you've already come and to celebrate what you have achieved.

To that end, here are 8 life improving habits I have already mastered!

1. Making my bed

This crops up a lot in all the self-care lists, and I just see it as second nature and thought everyone did it. I did a poll of the women in my team at work, and I was surprised that it was basically 50/50 between bed makers and non bed makers!

2. Getting up early

Another classic habit on Pinterest lists. I've always been an early one, ever since I was a kid and I used to go in and ask for money from my sleeping parents so I could walk down to the shop and buy allll the magazines and sweets my 10 year old heart desired (for £2). Now it's the cat that wakes me up at an ungodly hour, but she is the cutest alarm so 9 times out of 10 I'll just get up anyway. I love the serenity of being awake when most people are asleep.

3. Organising my diary

I used to constantly double book myself, and I tell you, it was bloody annoying. Now I don't confirm anything until I've checked my bullet journal. I have created a Whatsapp group with only me in it called 'Remember' and I write the date I need to check if I don't have my diary with me at the time. Side note: The personal Whatsapp group thing is a game changer as well FYI.

4. Wearing sunscreen

I used to think this was totally unnecessary and imagine it would break me out all over the shop but I went on a long ass walk last summer in the full sun with just my trusty La Roche Posay SPF 50 and I had a lovely hint of bronze to my face whilst everyone else was burnt to the hills. 

5. Bringing my lunch to work every day

Not only do I hate spending money on lunch every day, I also hate deciding what to eat. There are A LOT of options around my work and I can't cope with the choice, or the possibility I might have a sub standard lunch, as I have high standards when it comes to eating. The easiest way to not have to buy lunch is to just freeze most of your dinners and then take one out the night before. This way you also get a surprise as God only knows what's in those Tupperwares, especially if they're opaque.

6. Rounding up my savings

A classic savings tip - open a savings account with your current bank, then just round up to the nearest pound once you've spent some dolla. E.g. If you've got £93.47, transfer that £3.47 right over. Adds up surprisingly quickly, and you won't miss it! 

7. Hanging my clothes up after wearing them

This is my husband's influence for sure, as he is the tidiest man on earth. I am messy by nature, and when I had a room to myself I not only had a floor-drobe but a bed-drobe, a desk-drobe...you get the picture. Now I have just an organised wardrobe and I put them away as soon as I get home.

Hooray for habits!

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