12 Habits - Meditation

Another semi-fail. I started off full of enthusiasm for meditation - I downloaded the Headspace app, I dutifully sat in my comfortable yellow armchair, concentrating on my breathing for 3 minutes and trying to ignore the cat as her nice purring turned to biting me savagely on my wrists.

However, it all went a bit downhill once the free sessions ended. I didn't really want to start paying as I wasn't sure if it would be worth it at that point and so I tried to do the free sessions again but it was all a bit half arsed.

I think what I should have done is longer sessions, as I was selected the 3 minute ones but was I really getting any benefit in 3 minutes? I'm just not sure if I got anything out of the whole experience tbh. I do yoga pretty much daily now and I feel this can be somewhat meditative, so I reckon I'll stick with that.

My habit for August is daily journalling.

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