Notes from June


Bookwise, I read A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman, which was way too whimsical and magical realism-y for my liking. However, I loved Entanglement by Katy Mahood and Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, the latter being the best book I've read so far this year. The real life, relatable style writing reminded me of Judy Blume, who is probably my favourite author ever.


Rich and I went to Mean Girls: The Movie and More in London, which was a tad disappointing. It was fun to see the film on a big screen again with tons of other super fans (obviously there was a chorus of 'Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco!), but the photo ops (the lighting!) and food left a lot to be desired, especially for £25!

A performance that did make my heart happy was seeing Jessie Cave's live show, Sunrise. I don't know what it is about her but I find her so intriguing and loveable.

I had a facial at John Bell & Croyden in London which was a monthly highlight - the facialist Maria, was so lovely I would quite like to adopt her as my auntie. She suggested Dermalogica for me, which I've not used before (bar the Daily Micro Exfoliant ) so we will see how that works out. My main issue is the scarring and marks left over from previous blemishes so I hope these start fading.


June is always an expensive month as it's both my parents' birthdays. I took my dad out for a meal at Michelin starred Box-E in Bristol. The food was delicious and they made a special complimentary birthday dessert for my dad which was adorable to the max. I took my mum for a vegan afternoon tea at Earthcakes, which was a sweet delight. Sandwich fillings included tofu egg mayo!


My beloved Elis James and John Robins have joined BBC Five Live with their new podcast and I am super glad to have them back!

Enjoying on Instagram


I finally got around to watching Season 6 of Orange is the New Black. I still find it compelling watching but I'm kind of relieved next season is the last. I loved new Netflix series Jail Birds ('I met him on the bowl' is all I'm going to say) and OBVS I've been watching Love Island. Rich hasn't been watching this year which is sad as it's a lot more fun to view and discuss with someone else. I invited myself into two women's conversation in the office last week though so that scratches the itch somewhat.

Film-wise, I was not overly impressed with Aladdin - much preferred the cartoon! I feel like they didn't make the most of Genie, I found Will Smith irritating, and lacking in personality, especially compared to Robin Williams. I rented The Favourite out of the library and it was great - weird, compelling and darkly amusing.


Forever trying my best to be eco-friendly, I bought some Biodegradable washing sponges and resuable cotton wool pads from The Wisehouse, Rich doesn't rate the sponge but I think it's perfectly adequate. I bought a delightful pink suit (see what I mean about the lighting) from ASOS to wear to the Mean Girls event, for obvious reasons. A suit has been on my wishlist for ages, and I sure do love ticking stuff off of lists.

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