12 Habits - Wearing my clothes in a new combination every day

I do wish I had a catchier title for this one, but sadly, I cannot think of a way to describe it any better; I did wear the clothes in my wardrobe in combinations I have never worn before. My friend Vikki suggested '#DebutEnsemble, which was fun for Instagram.

I wanted to do this habit as I felt I was getting stuck in a rut with my outfits, particularly to work.

My office is super casual and it makes me sad sometimes as I think 'what's the point in making an effort', but it makes me happy to choose an outfit I appreciate. I love putting clothes together, thinking creatively, layering, getting inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest.

Not everyday mind you, sometimes it's a shiny leggings, T-shirt and trainers kind of day. If I'm feeling particularly tired, or down, or headache-y, I feel quite grateful I don't work in an uber-corporate environment where it wouldn't be a fallback option!

I thought I would find this habit harder than I did, but it was actually relatively easy. I cut myself quite a lot of slack - for example I could still wear a dress I had worn before if I wore it with different shoes, or different accessories. It helped that I bought a couple of new pieces throughout the month as I obviously hadn't worn them before.

A bonus was that it made me much more ruthless about getting rid of items. If I was uhming and ahing over what a certain piece would go with and didn't feel excited about wearing it, to the charity shop/eBay pile it went!

All in all, this was a fun challenge which helped me see my wardrobe in a new light, and highlight some gaps in my wardrobe. I very much need some jeans. Sadly I find shopping for them so tedious and a little bit soul destroying! Send help.

My habit for June is to put something on eBay/Depop every day!

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