Things to do in Bristol when it's raining

Coming to Bristol when it rains is somewhat of a blessing rather than a curse, because there are so many fun things to do inside in Bristol I might just prefer them to outside. As mentioned in this post sometimes the pressure to do all the things in the long, sunny summer days gets to me, so an excuse to embrace not having to enjoy the outdoors can sometimes be just as fun.

And anyway, you can't rely on it being 'summer'.

Escape rooms

These are all over the UK now so not a Bristol-specific novelty but man they are fun. I did one in Bristol recently with my sister and our respective husbands, and whilst we didn't get out, which I was quietly seething about, much jollity was still to be had. The one I tried was The Fourth Samurai at Escape Hunt but there is also PuzzlairLocked in a Room and Riddlr. Escape Hunt even has a pirate one if you want to do something vaguely Bristol-y.

Chance and Counters

This games cafe my fave place in Bristol. It is cosy and cute and such a fun way to hang out with friends and family - a good excuse to get everyone together. The staff are really knowledgeable about the games in the cafe (they have LOADS) and can suggest stuff based on what else you like playing. They serve delicious food and drink too. The Christmas steps, where the cafe is located, is worthy of a browse if the rain stops - fairy lights, multiple tiny shops and quaint pubs await.


The RWA is a short walk from my work, but prior to a visit this month I've never ventured inside. The building itself is impressive, with majestic high ceilings, and the exhibitions are interesting and thought provoking. The cafe is a right hidden gem - everything on the lunch menu is right up my street- salad plates, vegan toasties and similar delights alongside delicious sweet treats (special shout out to the Guinness cake). Now I know it's there, I've already been back since on my lunch break!

You & Meow

Another themed cafe, this time cat based, which I would highly recommend. I feel a bit like I'm cheating on my cat when I come here but there are so many lovely little furry bundles of cuteness I cannot resist. Sorry Bluebell you're still my number 1 gal. Last time I visited they had kittens! The cafe itself has a Japanese theme and feels very serene, with lots of plants and nice plinky plonky music. Tasty cakes too.

Everyman Cinema

Everyman Cinema has my heart! Comfortable sofas, blankets, snacks and refreshments brought to you on demand - what's not to love? It makes movie night a right treat. Just before the film starts, a staff member comes to the front to check everyone has what they need (which is adorable) and the last time I was there a lady shouted out 'I'm having such a lovely time' and I think she is my spirit animal.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Bristol museum is a childhood fave and will always have a special place in my heart, but aside from that it is a peaceful yet interesting place to while away an hour or two. My favourite permanent things to see are the gemstones, Alfred the Gorilla and the Gypsy caravan. Many of the exhibitions are free and there is a Banksy in the foyer too.

Flying Saucers

This is a pottery painting cafe where you can decorate pretty much anything - from kid's money boxes and pet food dishes to vases and bowls. I went here for my birthday last year and spent the most relaxing hour painting my own butter dish. It's so nice just to sit and concentrate on something with no distractions, and you get to take something home as well! Be warned, if you are only visiting for the weekend this may not be possible as you do need to wait for your item to be fired in the kiln, which can take a couple of days.

Heartfelt Vintage

Tucked away in pretty Clifton, this is quite simply, the best afternoon tea EVER. The cafe/vintage shop is owned by the loveliest husband-and-wife team who make everything from scratch, down to the bread and even the butter! Once you're totally stuffed (and you will be), browse the lovingly curated array of affordable vintage gems. A winner.

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