Notes from April

Bye Bye April. One step closer to summer - woo hoo! I have been most enjoying the longer nights and lighter mornings. This week I've finally been able to do my make up in natural light, so many heart emojis for that.

This month has seen a lot of trips to London for various activities with friends and babysitting duties, something I'm fully on board with as London is my fave place ever.

Here's what else I've been...


- Don't say I look nice!
- This writer's diary showing a week of depression was a sobering read.
- These horribly unfeminist ads will make you rage and shake your head in disbelief simultaneously. Some of the company responses are a joke as well.
- Absurd couple fight stories which had my cracking up at my desk. Make sure you read the comments for more gold

Book wise I've read A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen, Case Histories by Kate Atkinson and Perfect by Rachel Joyce, all of which were pretty enjoyable reads. My favourite was Perfect, as Rachel Joyce is always a delight.


I've been very much enjoying Glow Up as a lovely bit of fluff , as well as Season 11 of Ru Paul's Drag Race, of course. Finally got round to watching Killing Eve, which had mixed reviews in this household - I liked it but thought the ending was a bit silly, Rich thought the whole thing was too silly. I also watched Steel Magnolias the other night which is a well old film from 1989 but it was so happy and yet heart-wrenchingly sad at the same time. Thoroughly recommend.

On YouTube I loved Sali Hughes' In The Bathroom with Sharmadean Reid. I have loved WAH Nails for yearssss but never heard founder Sharmadean actually speak. She is so eloquent, gentle and softly spoken, yet thoroughly engaging at the same time.


I've been eating many Easter eggs and I finally got my hands on the Reese's mini peanut butter eggs, which are a delight but basically the same as the Peanut Butter Cups. Rich and I went to two Bristol restaurants this month, Masa + Mezcal which was modern Mexican and Giggling Squid which is Thai. Both were a dream, I think the mexican had the edge though. The rice was insanely fluffy.


I've been doing training for the 10K my friend Rosie and I are running at the beginning of May! I feel much more prepared for it now, and we've raised loads of money for Cancer Research which is great.


The weather is still up and down but this month I've packed away my heavy winter coats and jumpers and brought back the summer dresses and sandals. I bought a satin skirt from ASOS like everyone else on earth, but I see why because it is a delight to both touch and wear.

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