12 Habits - Daily Yoga

My oh my this one was a fail. I'm annoyed at myself tbh. I only managed to do yoga about 5 days in the month. It's silly that I failed so badly, because every January I do Yoga with Adriene's yoga month, where she puts out a new video to do every day, and complete it just fine.

I think it's a combination of things; forgetting I had to do yoga every day and then remembering just as I was about to get into bed, a lot of being away and out of my routine, and sheer laziness.

What's good about the Yoga with Adriene yoga month is that you are automatically given a video to do every day so you don't have to make a decision about which one to do. Decision fatigue is real and I have it with everything; what to eat, what to wear, what colours to use for my bullet journal.

In hindsight I think I should have gone through YouTube at the beginning of the month, picked a daily video to do and written it down so I had a schedule.

Yoga really does make me feel much better - I sleep better, I feel calmer. One of my 19 for 2019 goals is to touch my heels to the floor in downward facing dog so I do need to get on with it if I'm gonna achieve.

Anyway, along with my May goal of wearing my clothes in a combination I've never worn before each day (I hope that makes sense), I want to do more yoga again. It's in my bullet journal, so it's officially being recorded.

Fingers crossed!

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