12 Habits - Writing my blog for 15 minutes everyday

Habit number 3 - writing my blog for 15 minutes each day - was a revelation! I got so many blog posts done! I did have quite a few ideas on my blog ideas list, which I keep on Google Docs, so that helped with structuring my writing but I found that the more I wrote the more the ideas flowed. They flowed out of me with ease.

I now have another problem (of the first world variety, naturally) in that I have many blog posts just a 5 minute edit away from being ready, but a distinct lack of complementary pictures to go alongside them all. Blog photos are so much harder than writing.

For outfit posts I need a willing photographer that a) is half decent, b) puts up with me and c) wants to get up super early and traipse around Bristol whilst I nonchalantly gaze at trees, cups of tea and what not. My loving husband Rich usually fits the bill rather well, but I still feel endlessly guilty asking him to get up at the crack of dawn on the weekend and ferry me about. Also, I've had quite a few weekends away in London recently which scuppers this plan somewhat. Flat lays are easier but they still require setting up, fun props, good lighting and batting the cat away every 20 seconds.

Oh I don't know, maybe I just need to take the plunge and get in touch with some Bristol based blog photographers. Lord knows there are many of them. Scary though isn't it! And more expensive than my husband.

But anyway, back to the topic at hand, writing every day for 15 minutes comes highly highly recommended from me. I have to confess I didn't manage every SINGLE day, due to evenings out, days away, or sheer forgetfulness. I still wrote a hell of a lot more than any other month though, so was welllll worth doing.

Put on some tunes or some lovely white noise  (my fave is Isochronic Alpha Synth Tone from the White Noise app, which is actually the most 2019 name for a sound ever, but it is so pleasing and relaxing), set the timer for 15 minutes and it will go by in a flash!

My April habit is Yoga every day!

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