12 Habits - Veganuary

Instead of doing traditional resolutions this year, I decided to do 12 'habits' - one a month. This was an idea adapted from Emma Gunn's excellent podcast - last year she tried 26 habits, a new one every two weeks, with interesting results. I decided to try 12 as I think changing every 2 weeks won't see as much benefit, and I've heard that research shows it takes 21 days to make a habit stick, so 12 habits makes more sense to me.

January's habit was Veganuary. I tried Veganuary last year and must have enjoyed it. I can't actually remember - are my brain cells being fried by all the time I spend Googling 'Are Chillis water bottles better than other water bottles?' and 'leopard print hat', rather than doing brain training exercises? Anyway,  I thought I would do it again this year. Mainly because the way animals are treated for mass food production is definitely terrible, all of the methane is horrible for the planet and so on.

This year, it was a big old struggle. I craved chocolate like crazy. My colleagues brought in a plethora of delicious looking treats and I couldn't have any of them (I have saved a Tupperware of them to eat on February 1st though, I'm not an idiot). I went for a Sunday pub lunch and had to have boiled potatoes instead of roast. Boiled potatoes. Instead of roast.

Therefore, I have decided I am not going to continue with Veganuary past January, and so this is the first habit I will not be sticking to.

I fully applaud those who are vegans, as mentioned I think it is great for the animals and the environment. I am already a vegetarian and have been for 26 years but I find being vegan too restrictive. I love food and cooking, and whilst vegan meals are by no means tasteless and boring as a rule, not being able to add a bit of cheese now and again or not indulging in a cake is not the kind of life I want to live on a permanent basis.

(As an aside, it is worth mentioning the air miles and resources it takes to provide a lot of fruit and veg which make up vegan meals, as well as worker conditions during production - nothing is black and white and just because fewer animals are suffering this doesn't automatically negate any human suffering which might occur.)

So to sum up, my plan is to cut down on my dairy intake, and eat less chocolate (I think my skin has benefited from Veganuary, although that could just be the fact that the indulgences of Christmas are over) but I'm not going to put a label on it. No matter how many times I read stuff which tries to convince me vegan cheese is just as good as regular cheese, I can't get on board. Reducing is the way forward for me for currently.

P.S. I'll deffo still be getting VEGO bars as a treat though. Man they are good. Which they should be for £1.99 a bar!!!!!!!

P.P.S See also vegan Ben and Jerry's at £4.99 a tub!!!!!

P.P.S On the cheaper end of the scale, Greggs vegan sausage rolls are also delectable but I sure do wish they would stop selling out

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