Autumn is not my fave but it is the best for outfits

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I sure do love summer. Yet the dresses and sandals thing, whilst hella easy, does get a tad on the boring side. Autumn dressing, however, is much more fun. The layers, but also the bare legs. My fave combo. 

Dress layering is my new favourite autumn dressing formula. Midi + layering under piece + cardigan + chunky boots + bare legs = absolute dream. It keeps me cosy on the bus but allows me not to be boiled alive once I get to the office and it's hotter than the sun. 

This dress from Boohoo ticks many of my boxes - leopard print, comfy AF, bright, can be dressed up or down. It will also work with tights when it gets colder and I am forced, against my will, to wear them. I am also in love with this cardigan, which is a Jaeger one I found in the mens section of a charity shop. My eyes lit up when I saw it, I tell thee!

Misty mornings, yellow trees against the blue sky, and getting a hot chocolate on the way to work.

Autumn, you can stay.

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  1. I agree about autumn not being the best month, but the clothes are lovely! Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

    Corinne x