How to make the most of your lunchbreak

1. Always go out for a walk. Even if it's for 5 minutes, just physically getting up and leaving your desk makes you feel refreshed and ready for the next half of the day. If you have somewhere to walk that's in nature, like a park or a garden, even better.

2. Think about any life admin you need to do for the week - stuff like getting birthday cards and presents, going to the bank or just topping up boring stuff like cleaning products are all good things to get on your lunch break, saving you valuable weekend time. If you don't have any shops near your work, do a bit of internet life admin - pay bills, book travel tickets, sort out your inbox. I always find getting tasks done in lunch breaks easier than doing them at home because you have a time restraint  and you're usually already sat at the computer anyway.

3. If you're lucky enough to have one in walking distance of your place of work, join the library. I am reading so much more since I joined the library, plus it's free! You can reserve books or even request them if they aren't in stock. It's also just a nice quiet, relaxing place to be especially when it's cold or miserable outside.

4. If you're a blogger, join in a lunchtime blogger chat on a Monday between 1pm - 2pm (#LTBloggers) time. Pick up some blogging tips, make a new pal or just connect with like minded bloggers.

5. Again, if you work somewhere with lots of shops or a high street, have a good old browse in some charity shops. I've got some of my fave clothing and homeware bits from charity shops on my lunch break, including this spotty dress here and a whimsical cat tile that takes pride of place on one of my shelves.

Any more ideas, hit me up!

This dress is from Primark, you may remember it from being everywhere on the internet last year. It's still a gem but those frills are hella tight on the old arms! Bag and sunglasses are also Primark (would very much like the Ray Bans upon which they are based). The shirt is from Zara and the shoes are ASOS. They are actually a bit small but I love them so I force my trotters in. Yep I'm a treat.

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  1. I love the thought of doing some life admin but I generally spend it chatting to my friends! Haha! This is such a cute smock. :)

    T x