Things I would tell my younger self

1. Learn to drive

I am writing this on the afternoon of my first failed driving test. I have been practising for about a year and a half now and it is the hardest thing I've done. It makes me incredibly nervous, and I wish to all that is true and good in the world that I had just bloody done it when I was 17. This is the number one tip I would give to myself and all young people! Just get off your arse and do it. BOOK IT NOW. It will only get harder with every day that passes.

2. Don't be afraid to join clubs at university

I dabbled in a few clubs at uni - I tried the student radio in my first year (well I joined at the fresher's fair but probably showed up once to a meeting), and attempted to join the dance club in my second year (except I failed the auditions, which weirdly weren't just a chance to dance like an idiot to Yeah by Usher). Looking back, I wish I had just joined the student newspaper, which was what I was actually interested in. Maybe I would have followed a different path...but no ragrets ya know?

3. Understand that friendships dip in and out and that's okay

The comment section on Man Repeller is a gold mine of advice, tips and product recommendations (shout out to Make Me Brow by Essence, a dupe of Glossier Boy Brow). A commenter said this underneath an article on friendship and it made me feel warm:

'As I've moved around for school and work, and come in and out of different periods over the course of my life, there's been groups of women who I've been lucky enough to move into the "best friend" tier for a particular time in my life. While distance may separate us after a few years, I've always felt they were still my best friends, because they made it into that tier in the first place. I'm lucky enough to have little bunches of them!'

I think this is so sweet and true - just because you might not speak to someone you were once super close with, doesn't mean they haven't filled (and continue to fill) a little pocket of your heart!

4. Look after your cat properly

Your parents trusted you to look after that cat and you never used to clear out her litter tray. Shame on you. Disclaimer: I do look after the cat I currently have.

What would you tell your younger self?

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