What's the point of fashion?

I read the following quote from an article called 'What's the point of fashion' on Man Repeller the other day and I LOVED it. It went straight into my 'bits of things I like' Google Doc, cos I'm cool and have a Google Doc for everything. Anyway, here it is: 

"I know practically, fashion is art, it’s commerce, it’s function, it’s expression. But I also can’t mistake the simple gut reaction I have when I see something I love, that really knocks me out. It’s like out of the blue, finding something special that you’ve lost. You know that feeling: ‘Oh geezus, THERE it is!’ And then, somehow you find a way to make it your own, and once it is [your own], you’re just a little bit more yourself than you were before you found it? That’s fashion to me. Collecting beautiful little pieces of yourself over time."

Christene Barberich, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Refinery29

I love it cos it's true without being wanky (the last bit is a tiny bit wanky, but I'll gloss over it). Most of my favourite items of clothing have a story, no matter how small or insignificant, they remind me of something. I've got a blue kimono with embroidered flowers from India that used to be my mum's when she was younger. I've got a red mohair cardigan which goes with EVERYTHING that I tried on by chance because it was the last one on the changing room rail in H&M. The fluffy bag in these pics reminds me of my friend Lauren whenever I wear it because she bought it from Zara and I lusted after it every time I saw her. Finally I bought my own on Depop. 

This jacket I bought from a jumble sale a couple of weeks ago. Finding an amazing second hand piece is the normal shopping thrill to the tenth power because you're the only one to have it (I mean, Doris from Hull might also have one languishing in her wardrobe but she's prob not going to Instagram story it. Doris if you're reading, comment below).

 I don't mean finding stuff in vintage shops or fairs - I like them but for me, having the shiny bits all laid out so perfectly ruins the fun. The rooting around is what I like, the rifling through the Primark rejects in a charity shop and unearthing a silk shirt, discovering a suede fringed jacket amongst old DVDs at a car boot sale. Both of these are things I have found and love and wear all the time.

I love that my favourite clothes remind me of events, people or even just how I got them - it makes my brain a little bit happy whenever I put them on. Lame as it might sound, it is like creating your own story; it is like collecting beautiful little pieces of yourself over time.

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