OOTD // Pastel houses and checks

Coat New Look
Dress COS
Boots ASOS

Five thoughts I had whilst wearing this oufit:

1. These boots deffo used to be tighter round the old legs...I hope they aren't slowly dying. Can you do anything about slouchy boots that used to not slouch? I don't wear them THAT often but I like to have the option ya know?

2. I wonder if the people in these houses have a stream of Bristol based bloggers descending on their streets and taking photos of themselves? They're probs all looking out and laughing/shaking their heads/wondering wtf is going on.

3. This coat is an OLDIE (I'm talking about 9 years) but a goodie. I've contemplated chucking it out about 5 times but it always claws it's way back in to my wardrobe. 

4. I really do use this furry bag way too much but I love it so much I can't stop. The lining is broken now too so it's a fun game trying to retrieve whatever falls down the sides of the bag. Usually my keys. 

5. Why doesn't everyone paint their houses in aesthetically pleasing pastel shades? It really would help a girl out. 

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