5 of the best veggie burgers in Bristol

1. Burger Theory, St Stephen's Street

This restaurant is a bit of a newbie in Bristol, and I'm sure it's gonna be a firm favourite. There are two veggie burgers to chose from, and I went for the Dirty Hippie, which consists of a Tofu & quinoa patty with melted cheddar (which I ommitted as I'm weird about cheese - see about me for further info), halloumi, pink pickled onions and dirty burger sauce. It was everything you need in a burger, but it didn't make my feel like I needed to wash my insides, like some fast food does. So good. Just so good. They also do Espresso Martinis, and Espresso Martinis + burgers is the type of situation I can get on board with.

2. Roll for the Soul, Quay Street

I like to frequent this cafe when I need a burger on the go. It reminds me a bit of my favourite vegan burger of all time, which is the one they sell at festivals from a van simply labelled 'Vegan and Vegetarian'. It's juicy, herby and comes with plenty of salad and vegan mayo. Whilst doing research for this post, I found out that Roll for the Soul is closing! This makes me VERY sad, but it says they are staying until the end of the year so I'm gonna keep this one in and advise you to go and try ASAP. R.I.P Roll for the Soul :(

3. The Burger Joint, Clifton, Bedminster & Fishponds

If you live in Bristol I'm pretty sure you'll know about this one, but if you're new or visiting, it's a must try for any burger lover because you can build your own veggie burger. There are 3 options (including a vegan choice), plus a multitude of toppings & sauces, including wasabi mayo, fried eggs and a plethora of cheese options (vegan too!).

4. The Spotless Leopard, Various

There is a food market right across from my work which is very handy when it comes to days where I haven't brought lunch from home. Recently I had a burger from The Fancy Leopard, a vegan food van which pops up around Bristol. The burger is made from beans, lentils and mixed seeds and comes in a wrap or bun (or on a bed of salad). Lots of flavour, however I would recommend asking for extra sauce/pickles as it can be a tad on the dry side.

5. Molloys, Baldwin Street

This one is a shocker, I know. It surprised me. Despite living in Bristol until I was 18 I'd never been to this pub, but ventured there recently to take part in a Friends pub quiz. (We came 12th out of  24 since you ask, and the host did not understand our team name, which was MERGE). It was the only vegetarian thing on the limited menu they had that evening, so I didn't have much choice, but turns out it was delicious. It was a standard kind of pub veggie burger (beans & veg in a breadcrumb coating type of situation) but it had a layer of garlicky cream cheese in the middle and it was so good! Cheap AF as well.

Other honourable mentions go to: Nandos (thumbs up for having 3 different types of veggie burger, but I have not forgiven them for getting rid of their 'Veggie' burger - the soya one), Asado (heard great things but I can't get on board with the melty cheese in the middle), Atomic Burger (fun decor also), CAU (some of the best chips I've EVER had).

If you know of any other gems I've missed - let me know in the comments! All in the name of research obvs.

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