The still-a-bit-warm OOTD and a ramble, mostly about tights

Hat ASOS via Depop
Top Charity Shop
Jeans H&M
Shoes Dune London

It feels like I haven't posted in ages, I don't know why I haven't had the motivation to sit down and blog; I think it's a combination of nesting in our new flat, sheer laziness, and being very busy at work. It's always busy during the summer as the students all come back to town (I work at a University), and having moved offices in the beginning of the summer we're right in the middle of it all. I like to think I blend in quite well, being super young (naaaaat), however I don't think it's the case sadly. 

These photos were taken a while ago in August when we went to Richmond Park, but whilst everything is now very Autumn focused, I reckon I can still get away with it as it's still mild AF outside. I've never been an Autumn lover, I much prefer the summer - long days, sunshine, ice cream - what's not to prefer in my opinion. To ease myself in gradually, I've now removed all the summer dresses and sandals from my wardrobe and popped them in a drawer, replacing with jumpers, boots and coats. 

I've also started wearing tights again, which are my least favourite item of clothing ever, but needs must. I find it hard to gauge which level of coverage to go for when it comes to tights TBH - I really don't like wearing 100 denier or anything close, but 20 denier sometimes look a bit weird and brown. I've gone for some 40 denier from Primark which are fitting the bill quite well at the moment. (Side note - I always thought it was dernier, not denier until spell check kept coming up underneath and I googled it. Must be my Bristolian roots, popping an r in there) Does anyone else have this tight related problem? I tried to Google it the other day but *weirdly* nothing really came up. It can't be just me though surely? Fellow tight strugglers help me out! 


  1. your top is gorgeous!! as if its from a charity shop! i need to start shopping around in there. x

    Lizzie’s Corner

  2. Girrrrl, I though you were much younger than me. You definitely fit in with the uni crowd. Haha, this reminds me if the 20 years I thought a chest of drawers was called a 'Chester drawers'. PAH. I want a hat like this!

    T x