OOTD + a London love letter

 I write this with a kitten on my lap and the heating on and I'm squeezing in one more legs-out OOTD before it's properly properly winter. Trying to convince myself more than anyone else tbh, although I haven't started wearing a warm coat or a scarf yet, so it's fine. It's FINE. 

I wore this outfit during a London trip back in the summer. Ah I just love London. I love how each tube comes within minutes of another, even if they are hotter than Hades. I love how everything happens there first - restaurants, events, pop ups. I love how there are so many different areas to explore, even if you've lived there before and visit as often as you possibly can. 

I love all of the mews and coloured houses and cute streets which are made for Instagram. I just love the VIBE. That is the wankiest term in history but I can't think of any other way to describe it I'm afraid - there is just an atmosphere, a London-ness. 

Blazer Topshop
Dress New Look
Bag Zara

I heard someone describe themselves as a Londonphile on a podcast the other day and I have decided that is what I am, a Londonphile. I love you London and I hope you love me too. 


  1. These pics are BEAUTIFUL. Also, how cute is that jacket? I've see similar ones on several blogs recently. You're way ahead of the game!!

    I used to love London, now I can only handle two days there before I miss Bristol and the nice people that live here ha ha.

    T x

    1. Thanks Tara! I do love this jacket - goes with everything. Haha I think Bristol is a quite good substitute for London :) x