5 Reasons why you should give Paperless Post a whirl

Let's be honest. when you get to your late 20s/early 30s, your social events go from parties and nights out to baby showers, weddings and many family birthdays. You can't move for occasions that require a card. Not that I'm complaining, as I love a good shindig as much as the next gal, but all them cards sure do add up!

Enter Paperless Post. When they contacted me for a review, I was intrigued as I'd never really considered online cards as a replacement for the real life thing. Well more fool me, as I had a good poke around their website and fell a little bit in love! Here are 5 reasons why...

1. The designs are cute A F! 

Plus, you can customise them with different fonts, colours and messages. I sure wish I had known about Paperless Post when I got married - it would have saved a whole lot of back and forth between an Etsy designer in a different time zone!

2. They have cards for EVERY POSSIBLE OCCASION.

Seriously. From your standard birthday to cocktail parties, game nights, baptisms and good old Thank you notes. A lovely way to send a quick note and wayyyy prettier than a Facebook group. 

3. Good for the environment

I mean, as we know, Climate Change is totally not real *sarcasm klaxon just in case anyone thought this is my actual opinion*, but just in case, sending email-based cards is an excellent way to save the trees.


4. Money and time saving 

On Paperless Post, you load up your account with 'coins', then use these to send your cards. Loading up your account with coins, then using them throughout the year as and when is a top way to save money, and time. No more scrabbling around at the last minute in Paperchase. 

5. They also sell little headed stationery cards...

...which you can personalise. Who doesn't love both stationery, and things with your name on. No-one that's who. 

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