I'm a scruff and I'm embracing it

Ever since I was younger I've always been a bit of a state. Give me some chips and I'll get my greasy mitts somewhere, tie my hair with a lovely ribbon and it will come trailing out. There are photos from my childhood (when my mum used to dress me and my sister the same despite being 3 years apart) and she looks pristine, whereas I look like I've been dragged through many hedges. Once on holiday when I was about 13 I got chocolate sauce from a crepe all over my brand new cream coat (I blame my mum for buying me a cream coat in the first place).

I realised this whilst I was editing these blog photos, looking at my hair and realising it was most certainly not on fleek. 

T-shirt Coco Rose
Skirt New Look
Blazer Topshop 
Bag Zara 

I will never be the kind of person who looks groomed and immaculate, with everything in place and an ironed shirt on. I can't get my hair to stay where I want it to. I leave the house then realise I've forgot my lunch and get sweaty having to run for the bus. 

This is kind of juxtaposed with enjoying fashion, and having a fashion blog, because I also try to look nice. I like to have my nails painted and I spend ages doing my cleansing routine. On the other hand, I can't really be bothered to brush my hair most of the time, and I have to wear a bib when I eat anything splashy cos I just don't trust myself. Weird isn't it. Then again, maybe it's not. For every Olivia Palermo, there's a Kate Moss, who has made looking a bit rough around the edges her selling point. For every Victoria Beckham, there's a Cara Delevigne, who to be honest, looks like she's having a lot more fun.

So I'm going to carry on flying the flag for the unkempt crew, because to be honest I couldn't be any other way even if I wanted to. Secret scruffs unite!

P.S. This top tho! I'm obsessed!


  1. Very nice and cool look with sunglasses. Your dress style awesome. I loved skirt.

  2. I can relate to this post so much!! We sound the same, I love getting my nails done and my daily cleansing routine is important to but my hair always goes up into a scruffy bun and I ac also use a towel or something over my clothes when i eat because I'm so messy! haha! I love that your embracing it <3 x

    S x

    1. Yay - nice to see someone else is the same! :) xx