Little Kitchen Cookery School // Bristol

Long time, no blog, as we've been tres busy MOVING INTO OUR OWN FLAT. How bloody exciting. Also, it's stressful. Not really like a high powered, deadline at work kind of stress but more of a dull, tiring boring process - I don't think I ate a vegetable for a week.

But hey ho, we're in now and sure we still don't have a hot shower but all in all I am loving it.

Anyway, this blog post is not about moving but about a lovely blogging event I went to on Tuesday, at Little Kitchen in Brislington, Bristol.

I'd not heard of Little Kitchen before but I'm always interested in food-type situations, eating, cooking, foraging - I'm not picky. Little Kitchen is a cookery school that hold a variety of cookery classes including baking, chocolate workshops, different country's cuisines and even 'Magical Macarons'! (My husband would appreciate the spelling of this as he hates it when people spell it macaroons, which we all know is a totally different bakery item)

I arrived to find my station, complete with instagrammable name tile (how to get a blogger on side- give them something with their name on), and a glass of prosecco.

The first things we made were Vietnamese spring rolls, the type of cookery which looks daunting but is SUPER easy - like seriously takes minutes to put together - and look impressive AF. One to impress the in laws I think! These were served with a dipping sauce, which I couldn't eat as it contained fish, so they provided me with an alternative which was sweet seeing as I had completely forgot to mention I was vegetarian.

Next we hand rolled and decorated truffles (not as easy as it looks, especially as it was a particularly hot day) before packaging them in cellophane and ribbons which disguised my heavy handed chocolate piping a treat. Before I knew it it was 8:30pm and Rich was waiting for me outside - time flies when you're perfecting that ganache! 

Making something with your own hands is always really satisfying, and I went home feeling full and happy. Thanks Little Kitchen!


  1. Woohoo! It was so lovely to meet you there and those truffles look so pretty! 🙂