Now I'm 30, should I have to dress my age?

Topman denim jacket, Boohoo hoody, H&M skirt, Vans, Boohoo tights

Hoody Boohoo
Skirt H&M
Jacket Topman
Tights Boohoo

Sometimes when I get dressed in the morning, especially for work, I wonder if I have dressed 'too young' for my age. I'm 30, but I definitely don't feel it. I still like to know what's 'on trend' (even though that phrase makes me criinge), I still get excited about fashion and new things, and I feel like a lot of those things are aimed at people a lot younger than me. I see so many articles about having a uniform once you get to a certain age, or building a capsule wardrobe once you hit 30 but I just can't get on board. Sometimes I do crack out a pencil skirt, blouse and heels, but then some days I want to wear leggings and Adidas Superstars.

I really like the outfit above, but 'should I be wearing Vans?' 'should I be wearing a hoody with Vans?' 'do I look like Avril Lavigne in the Sk8r Boi video (oldest reference on earth)?' 'do people think I am trying to dress like a teenager?' were all thoughts that ran through my mind.

It annoys me really because why do I care what anyone thinks? As if it matters. There isn't some sort of dress code you need to start following when you hit a certain age. I'm not going to purchase a fleece and some Crocs (sorry Christopher Kane it's a no from me).

So I'm going to carry on wearing what I want to wear, and I'll probably carry on wondering if I look like an overgrown teenager, but then I'll have a word with myself and realise there are a lot more pressing problems in the world, so I'll just grab my tamogotchi and head to the Justin Bieber concert with my squad. #EYEBROWSONFLEEK


  1. It's crazy because I had the exact same thoughts a couple of months back and came to the same conclusion! We should always wear what we love because our happiness is the most important thing, right? Screw what everyone else thinks!

    Lizzie Bee // hello lizzie bee

    1. Yeah exactly - what's going to happen? They don't like your outfit? OH WELL! x

  2. Haha, no you do not! Such a cute look - love the trainers. :) My mum always worries about dressing her age and I try to encourage her to wear whatever she wants! Wear whatever makes you happy, AM I RIGHT? ;)

    T x

    1. Thanks Tara - yes go your mum! You are 100% right! x