Paris in a flash // Prototype exhibition

Last week I got a very exciting last minute invitation. To celebrate the release of ‘The Ghost in the Shell’ film, Tumblr and Paramount Pictures were holding an exhibition called 'Prototype' during Paris Fashion Week, showcasing innovative technology fused with high fashion.

 I love a fashion exhibition, and with garments that incorporate LED lights, adjust the temperature of the wearer or react to the environment, obviously I couldn't say no!

I'd been on a long weekend away at the Lake District Friday - Monday, celebrating mine and Rich's anniversary, so I travelled to Paris on the Tuesday and came back on the Wednesday. A fleeting but very fun less-than-24-hours in Gay Paree.

This Aerochromics top on the left looks pretty regular but it's printed with an aerochromic dye that changes from black to white when the pollution air quality index hits 60. How cool is that?

I love that the white dress above by CuteCircuit is simple and wearable but the light up sleeve makes it unique. I want to wear it on a night out - pretty sure I would look mighty cool dancing to Drake with my light up sleeve. I could even time it to the beat. 

This Chromat dress is my favourite - the wings! Such drama. She looks like a fairy from an episode of Black Mirror. 

Viktoria Modesta, the 'bionic popstar' performed at the event - she had her leg removed following a childhood illness so now wears a prosthetic leg which she incorporates into her outfits and views as another fashion accessory (watch from 5:14 on this video - she wears a huge spike as a prosthetic leg and it is insanely fierce). Her performance was full of energy and fun - I love stage looks like this because when else would you get to wear a light up jacket? 

These Silvia Faldo shoes are so fashun with their ugly-cool-Japanese aesthetic, and the soles were made using a 3D printer! Imagine being able to print your own shoes - what a dream.

After a few Calvados-based cocktails (when in France...), a make shift dinner of Eiffel tower shaped sweets and a VERY quick tour of the Jardin des Tuileres the next morning, I was back on Eurostar to sunny ol' England. 

Ghost In The Shell opens in UK cinemas from March 31, 2017.


  1. Wow, how fun!! I want one of those clutch bags ha ha.

    T x

    1. It was so fun! I know aren't they amazing!


    2. Looks like a lot of fun - loving their use of lights in the outfits!