OOTD // The bright blue coat I found and love

Coat Vintage
Jumper New Look
Skirt H&M
Boots ASOS

Despite looking so miserable poised and effortless in these photos, I was actually feeling very bloated and slightly nauseous. Got to love New Look's £9.99 jumper to skim the stomach when you've had a big lunch. This coat is the actual one, I saw it out of the corner of my eye whilst in a charity shop and it was only £9. I LOVE how bright blue it is.

I took this pics after going to The Ivy with my friend, and I've got to say, I wasn't the biggest fan. As I'm vegetarian, I had eggs benedict which consisted of poached egg, avocado, hollandaise sauce with spinach on an English Muffin. I then had a chocolate bombe which was a hard chocolate shell with ice cream, milk 'foam' and salted caramel sauce. It wasn't that they weren't nice (although I've decided that despite what everyone will have you think, eggs and avocado really aren't that good a combo) I think they were just too rich for me one after another. You've got eggs, hollandaise sauce, avocado, ice cream, milk foam and salted caramel sauce all sloshing about. I felt really quite sick and only had a bowl of kale for dinner.

The decor in The Ivy however was beaut and 100% Instagrammable. I did not take any Instagram photos, cos you know when you're with that friend that shuns most social media and whilst they're probably not judging you for taking pics of everything you still feel in your social media loving heart that they are. It's a tough life.

We are going back in two weeks though as I spied a salted caramel espresso martini on the cocktail menu and despite all of the rambling above, I AM ABOUT THAT LIFE.

P.S. I love the style of these photos big shout out to Rich you excellent husband.

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  1. That coat is amazing! I love the colour so much. You look lovely.

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails