OOTD // The Orange Jumper I Can't Take Off

Jumper New Look
Jeans H&M

I've worn this jumper a heck of a lot since I bought it 2 weeks ago from New Look. It goes with everything, I love the colour and it was only £9.99. I've also been embracing my converse a lot more recently, they're a good shoe to pair with a tight as they are black (I still think white trainers and tights look weird) and I like to think they are waterproof even though they aren't so that's a plus. 

Are any shoes actually waterproof? Apart from like really expensive boots that I definitely don't own. Whenever it rains I always just assume it will be fine and crack out the loafers or similar, which are filled with water within about 2 minutes of walking to the bus stop. It doesn't stop me though as I just do it again next time it rains. Why? Just me? 

Took these pics whilst on a little wander around Bristol with my pal Rosie - the city does have a lot of fun graffiti about. It stank of wee in this alley though. Nice. 


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  3. Great post!

  4. Girrrrl, you always find the best bargains! I'm totally into New Look these days. I have plenty of waterproof boots but I'd rather wear air max's to work and get my feet soaked ha ha.

    T x

  5. Loving this casual look, its right up my street!

    X Hayley