OOTD // Khaki + a cat

Coat Topshop
Shirt Zara
Trousers H&M
Trainers Adidas 

I have four points to make about this outfit:

1. Boobs are annoying when it comes to fashion. They make this shirt all gappy and it rides up in an annoying fashion. 

2. Despite the above, I have wanted a khaki shirt for AGES but there was always something off with the ones I was seeing. When I saw this one, it was love. 

3. I got these trainers in the Office sale. They were the junior version, in the sale, with an extra 10% off. Happy Birthday to me. 

4. I was distracted whilst taking these photos as I spotted this majestic beast out of the corner of my eye. See how he runs towards me? He knows. It was so hard not to pop him into my bag. 

It's love. 

1 comment:

  1. Great shirt!! Although.... how did you not freeze!? Haha. Adorable kitty. :)

    T x