Estee Lauder Skincare // Mini-Reviews!

How cute is this little 'Faye' which was a place setting at a wedding I attended recently? MEGA cute! 

A couple of weeks ago I attended a blogger event hosted by Estee Lauder @ Boots in The Mall, Cribbs Causeway. I've been attending more and more blogging events in Bristol and I am thoroughly enjoying them - yay to meeting other bloggers and doing fun things! 

The brand was kind enough to gift us a goody bag at the end of the evening which was full of lots of skincare treats - many of which we saw tried and tested during the event, so I was very excited to get them all home and into my bathroom. 

I've now been testing them for about two weeks, and here are my mini-reviews on each:

Take it Away Make Up Remover Lotion 
This is a water-based, milky formula which you apply to dry skin and rinse or flannel off. This was perfectly nice, but I do prefer a slightly thicker cleanser when washing my face, which is simply personal preference. I think this would be great for slightly more oily, teen to early twenties skins, as it is very gentle and just nice to use, especially on skin which doesn't need too many products. 

Advanced Night Repair
I do love me a serum and have been wanting to try this, now pretty famous one, for an absolute age. It's quite an unusual texture compared to other serums that I've tried - it's not overly thick and sinks in straight away, which I like, and you don't need loads - a little does go a long way which I think makes it pretty cost effective. I don't think I've used it enough to say if I can notice a huge anti-ageing effect, but my make-up has been going on really smoothly and I have noticed a reduction in my under eye circles, which is one of my biggest skin issues. So far, I'm pretty much sold!

Nightwear Plus
I've been applying this after the Advanced Night Repair and it's a pleasingly thick moisturiser which again melts into the skin, leaving it feeling nourished. I'm not sure if I would re-purchase this as I don't always apply moisturiser on top of my night time serum, but it's a welcome extra treat at the moment! 

As mentioned above, I think this is helping my make up to go on nice and smoothly - I like to mix it in with my SPF which means that I don't look so shiny (a tip from one of the Estee Lauder ladies at the event, who had the dewiest, glowi-est, but not shiny, skin!). 

Modern Muse perfume 
Ok this isn't skincare, but it looked nice in the photo! This is a very crisp smelling, girly scent which is slightly too flowery for me - I prefer a slightly deeper perfume. Again, I think this would really suit a teenager as it's very fresh. We also received a smaller sample of Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss, which smells a bit like Modern Muses's big sister, and it's much more up my street. I think living in Dubai (and working with a perfume brand whilst there) has given me an affinity for oud-y smells, and the website describes this as 'fruity' and 'woody', which I can totes appreciate. 

Advanced Night Repair Capsules
I've not used these cute little fish-shaped ampoules yet as I'm saving them for a horrible skin week, but I'm very excited to try them! 

If you live in Bristol and are tempted by anything Estee, then you can use the below voucher for a nice treat! 


  1. I looove that makeup remover!! It's so gentle and has a nice scent. :)

    T x

    1. It does have a lovely scent! Not too strong either :) x