OOTD // Some old lady's dress

Dress Vintage
Sandals Primark
Cat Friend's

Wow I think this must be up there with the most miserable I've ever looked in a photo. I'm really not miserable in real life. Except when I have to get the bus which has no air con in 30 degree heat and the sun shines directly into my eye sockets and then I have to walk up a huge hill in shoes that are pinching my feet to buggery. 

I wore this dress to work and one of my colleagues said 'I like your dress...it looks like something an old lady would wear...but you can pull it off' (humblebrag). I said ' that, my friend, is because it is a genuine old lady's dress (probably) that I got in a jumble sale for 30p'. Then we chuckled, then I put my teabag in the green recycling bin and left. 

These shoes I like very much but as mentioned above they are absolutely pinch-tastic. Would not recommend wearing if you have feet the width of a normal person and/or are planning to walk further than the end of your road. Still, they looks nice. 

In other news, I caught a great Pokemon today. 

Faye x

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