OOTD // Rainbow Feet

Top Primark
Skirt H&M
Sandals H&M

I love off the shoulder tops, but man the constant riding up situation is hella frustrating! 

These sandals I bought with the intention of pom-pom-ifying them. I did a trial run last week with some glue dots to temporarily see what they would look like. I thought they looked quite cute but my darling hubs said they looked cheap AF, so I'm not sure anymore! I like them as they are anyway too. 

This weekend I went out twice, TWICE can you imagine? The first was Friday night for my friend's birthday, we went to a fun cocktail bar where I had a marshmallow daquiri, it had actual marshmallow piled on top. Like squirty cream but marshmallow, then it was blow-torched to make it like a toasted marshmallow. I wanted to clap the barman tbh. 

On Saturday I went on a hen do, we went on a boat. Both times I wore my new Zara heels and they were ever so comfortable. Hurrah!


  1. Waaait, did you go to HMSS? It's so awesome in there! I love your shoes, men know nothing. How do you always find such awesome things in Primark!? Jelly.

    T x

    1. Aww no it was the one in the centre, cannot remember the name for the life of me now! Begins with an A haha. xx

  2. Those shoes are so cute!! I need to go to H&M now!

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