Lately #9

It's been a while since I've posted one of these. Here are some things:

1. I love this particular shade of pinky brown when it's matte. 
2. An OOTD from a nice summery Sunday. I love these sandals.
3. My sister had a baby!!! As you can see, he is the most precious baby there ever was. 
4. House of absolute dreams in Stokes Croft. Bristol is very cool when it comes to graffiti. 

1. Blossom is my favourite flower in the world. Thanks nature.
2. Pom pom earrings! £2 in New Look! 
3. Some of the wood from this art installation at Bristol Uni is from an ancient forest that used to be where New York now is. Mind blown.
4. Heart trousers and pom pom shoes make for a whimsical work outfit.

1. This ceiling reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.
2. Love these galaxy print workout leggings I got from TK Maxx.
3. I invented the best drink ever - pineapple, lime and mint. Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure I didn't invent it.
4. New fave magazine - I loved the latest issue of Blogosphere.

1. These straws from my friend Kate brighten up my working day.
2. Bye blossom :( 
3. Another cool art installation at Bristol Uni.
4. How cute is this flamingo cup from a Body Shop event I went to?!?

Faye x

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