15 Things To Do When You're Bored

Personally I don't get bored. There is not enough time in the day and I like too many things.

However, should you find yourself pacing the halls, instead of going deep into the internet wormhole (don't get me wrong, this can be fun but do you really need to know who your Hey Arnold boyfriend would be based on your star sign?) try one of these ideas. Most of which cost nothing to very little - in fact some can even make you money.

 It's a win win babez.

15 things to do when you're bored

1. Sort out your make up
Get into those Muji drawers and be harsh. Sort into piles - stuff you wear on the daily, stuff you wear for special occasions and stuff you never wear. Get rid of the third pile. You really won't miss it. If you have a label maker you can even label your drawers, thus creating a little make up inventory (I keep trying to convince my line manager at work to pop one on the stationery order but she's not having it).

If you have a younger female relative, why not donate your castoffs (providing they're reasonably hygienic)? I gave a load of make up to my beauty obsessed teenage cousin recently and she was so pleased she made me a card and bought me a little present. It was the cutest.

2. Organise your wardobe & put stuff on eBay/Depop
Same principle as above, basically. Once you have a bag of stuff you don't want, take 2 hours out of your weekend when it's daylight, iron anything that needs ironing, find a neutral background, a nice wooden hanger and photograph that shizz. Pop it on eBay/Depop (Sunday evenings are optimum for the former).

A lot of random crap can be sold on eBay - think twice before you throw anything away. I've sold broken Kindles, an old computer microphone and a 90s Sylvanian Families rabbit house in the shape of a carrot. Particular winners include anything Ted Baker/specialist clothing e.g. maternity/electronics (even if they're broken, they can be sold for parts)/Doc Martens.

3. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure
Pretty self explanatory - I like to crack out all my tools and combine this with a marathon YouTube/Netflix watching session.

4. Do some yoga
I now do yoga every morning and I looooove it, despite not being a namaste, find-your-bliss kind of person. I subscribe to Yoga with Adriene who is a very high energy teacher with TONS of excellent, easy to follow routines, ranging in length from 10 minutes to over an hour. Yoga has so many health benefits and anyone can give it a go as you don't need any equipment.

5. Make a playlist
I like to update my monthly Spotify playlist every month (duh). I have about 40 songs on it, some old faves and some new tunes that I've heard that month. To find new songs, I subscribe to random playlists that catch my eye (I also follow a Kylie Jenner Snapchat playlist, which I actively searched for) and put them on shuffle when I'm on the bus. Then I screenshot any songs that I'm enjoying and add them later. Here's my June playlist if you care.

6. Try some new recipes
I have a Pinterest board with tons of recipes - meals, snacks, drinks, sweet stuff etc. and when I have some spare time I'll give some of them a go. As a vegetarian I also love trying out vegetarian/vegan versions of meat based meals, and I'm also currently addicted to What I Eat In a Day videos, namely Jess Beautician who makes the most creative and delicious looking food.

7. Follow a YouTube make up tutorial
This is especially good if you've got a wedding/graduation/birthday night out etc. coming up. Sometimes I'll just go to my YouTube subscriptions and try out the first tutorial that comes up, for kicks.

8. Go on a penny walk/drive
This is something I did with the Brownies recently. The premise is thus: acquire a coin and assign left or right to each side. Leave your house. Either start walking/driving until you come to a crossroads. Flip the coin. Do what the coin says. See where you end up!

9. Try a DIY
As with recipes, I have so many DIYs on my Pinterest boards that I haven't got round to trying, from homeware to clothing to stationery. Making something that's pretty, or useful, or both, is very satisfying.

10. Sort out your CV
Even if you really like your job, you never know when you might want to/have to go in a different direction. I attended a very interesting training day recently where one piece of advice was to create a master CV - basically a big word document which records all of your skills/achievements. Every time you learn something new at work, or in your personal life, add it on. This makes it so much easier when it comes to filling in application forms or writing a cover letter. Create/update your Linked In whilst you're at it.

11. Listen to some podcasts
I am obsessed with podcasts now to the point where I can't go any short distance without my earphones. It's just so much more fun to have something to listen to at any point - when you're in a queue, when you're running to the post office, when you're doing the cleaning. I currently listen to 11 and my favourites are Beauty Talk, Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People, Mystery Show, Elis James and John Robins, Woman's Hour and This American Life. If you want to laugh until you cry, I would also recommend seeking out the Ricky Gervais podcast from ages ago. Peak Karl Pilkington is life.

12. Do some colouring in
This goes along nicely with the previous boredom buster (which is a phrase that sounds like it's from Mizz magazine). I find the two activities work together as a relaxing treat an hour or two before bedtime when you can feel your retinas slowly melting from constantly staring at screens.

13. Try volunteering
This isn't a quick weekend boredom fix, more a long term commitment but it's definitely worth considering if you have some spare time on your hands. At the beginning of the year I started helping out with my local Brownie/Guide unit, and I'm so glad I did as it's proved to be a lot of fun and so rewarding. It can also be a great thing to add to your CV and you can learn valuable, transferable skills not to mention gain lots of confidence.

14. Plan some outfits
I like to have my outfit planned at least for the next day, so that I don't have a morning meltdown on the regular. Sometimes, especially if I've bought some new threads, I like to plan a few outfits at once and take photos on my phone to refer back to in times of crisis (read: when my husband makes me get ready at very short notice).

15. Enter some competitions
I'm going to jinx myself now but I seem to be very good at winning competitions. In the last 6 months alone I've won two. Sometimes on my lunch break at work I'll search hashtags on Twitter like #competition #win #giveaway and see what comes up. Some of it is stuff I would pay NOT to have (I found a competition today called 'Fishslice Tuesday' where you could actually win one of five spatulas. There were at least 100 retweets!) however you can find some gems. Stylist, Emerald Street and magazine websites are also good sources for competitions. You can even join forums like Loquax which are updated with new competitions on the daily.

I very much enjoyed writing this post - I hope it gave you some ideas! 

Faye x

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