What's in my new Zara bag?

Bag - Zara 

Got myself a new bag for the first time in a long time (I still love my backpack but sometimes the occasion calls for a slightly less casual option). I wanted a bucket bag for ages and this one was a total bargain from Zara. 

These are the things that can usual be found in my bag and why:

1. Mirror - this one is a personalised one from Abu Dhabi which my husband got for free on a press tour of the Abu Dhabi mall. #journalistwifeperks 

2. Liquid Eyeliner - I always have to top up my liquid eyeliner if I'm going out after work - it never stays black on me but fades to a lovely fetching grey-ish shade. If anyone has any recommendations please share. To be honest I don't really like this Soap & Glory Supercat liner as I think it fades quicker than most but it's okay for eyeliner emergencies.

3. Antibacterial Hand Gel - for when I have to touch the bus rail, which I'd imagine has more germs than a toilet seat.

4. Hairbands - absolutely essential, especially for when eating or  the end of the working day when I no longer care about my appearance. 

5. Sunglasses - If it's super sunny and I don't have sunglasses to hand I sometimes get a headache. These are by Spitfire via ASOS.

6. Nail File - I can't handle it if I get a jagged nail and I can't instantly fix it. 

7. Plasters - Handy for the transition into Summer sandal wearing. 

8. Batiste - My hair gets pretty flat throughout the day especially if I'm a tad sweaty from walking about. 

9. Tissues - these are especially handy if you find yourself in a bathroom with no toilet roll or exploding yoghurt situation.

10. Nail Polishes - I always have one or two of these to hand, for touch ups, as well as a top coat usually. As I change my nails every 2 - 3 days. I always find an amalgamation of different colours in my bag. And I wonder why it's so heavy. 

11. M & S Bag in a bag - Genius invention. GENIUS. Especially with the new 5p charge for plastic bags. 

12. Keys - Pretty self explanatory, I have a lip balm keyring that I got in a blogger secret santa last year, a cat pom pom which was a Christmas present from my cousin and a keyring from my hen do :)

13. Purse for all my monies, as well as multiple receipts, loyalty cards and other shiz. This one is from TK Maxx and was a bargain at £10. 

14. Headphones - I must have these at all times. I'm constantly listening to podcasts or Spotify.  

What's in your bag?

Faye x

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