The Shoe Diaries #7 - Silver Office Sandals

Sandals Office 

Behold the bargain of the year thus far. Went into Office last week by chance as my friend wanted to pop in en route to Pizza Express (I'd recommend the polenta fries seeing as you've asked) and I spied these with my magpie eyes as I've been after some metallic slider-type crossover sandals (specific) for a while. On the label, they were reduced from £40 to £24 and then at the till, they were only reduced again to £14 weren't they! Absolutely beaming I was - don't you love it when that happens? It happened when I bought my bridesmaids shoes too, it's the best feeling. 

Two things to note about these - firstly as they were the last pair in the shop you can blatantly tell that one of them has been tried on shitloads and the other has been in a box in the stockroom looking all pristine! Secondly, they had this weird plastic shrinkwrap stuff all over them, which I assumed you had to rip off. I ripped it all off of one (the one on the right) but then I panicked and got scared that I wasn't supposed to rip it off at all so I left it on the other one. Eventually I guess I will have to take it off that one as well but WHAT IF I've made a horrible mistake and it was supposed to stay on all along?!? Honestly, it's such a struggle. 

Cool story bro.

 What would you have done? Someone please tell me. 

Thanks for reading my waffle! 

Faye x

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