Honeymoon // Days 10 & 11 : Goodbye Hawaii and Too Many Cocktails

Day 10 + Day 11

Day 10 was when we had to leave Hawaii - boo! As you can see from the pic of me wistfully staring into the distance, I did not want to leave. We had to checkout at about 10am so I did a bit of morning sunbathing before we got in the Jeep to start the long journey home. The most exciting thing that happened on this day was when we had to sacrifice a jar of passion fruit and ginger jam I had bought for my mum, as I put it in the hand luggage rather than the checked bag. They gave us the option of checking it in the hold, and whilst the vision of a jar of jam coming round on the conveyor belt at Heathrow was tempting, for the price of $25 we declined. Sorry mum :( After a long, pretty uncomfortable flight we arrived back at JFK and after a large iced coffee (I NEVER drink coffee so I think it had quite the effect) we were ready to make the most of our last day in New York.

Our first stop was to catch the free Staten Island ferry, which goes near enough the Statue of Liberty for my liking, with nice views of the skyline too. Once we were back on dry land we headed to Grand Central Station to appreciate the pretty ceilings, which are full of constellations - much more interesting than London Paddington. Rich's friend had tweeted him about a hidden bar in the station so we made it our mission to find it. Side note: I just googled this to remind me of where it was in the station and it says you are only let in if you are 'appropriately dressed'. I was wearing joggers, trainers and a polo neck so God knows who they wouldn't let in. It was pretty cool though and we did feel like we'd stepped into a Mad Men-esque world. I ordered a mojito and Rich had an old fashioned. We only really went in to see what it was like, yet two more cocktails later, I was pretty tipsy (the barman was very cavalier with the measures). The plan was to go to the Museum of Modern Art as it was free entry after 4pm however we didn't make it that far, instead wandering bleary eyed through Times Square before heading to a cheap and cheerful pizza place where I devoured two huge slices. 

We got in a taxi to the airport (which took AGGES) and having fallen asleep in the car, I woke up and did not feel fresh. Going through security was not fun - at one point Rich had to tell me to pull myself together. When we got to the check in desk the lady said she was upgrading us to upper class and I was practically sick with excitement, until we gave our boarding passes to be checked and discovered it was a different couple with the same last name who were being upgraded. Absolutely gutted. They said I could be upgraded to premium economy which I took but as I wasn't sat next to my beloved new hubs I ended up moving seats so we could be next to each other anyway. Losers!

Faye x

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