Bristol Fashion Week

Catwalk photos from The Mall 

This week I went to the Bristol Fashion Week catwalk show for the first time. It's held at The Mall in Bristol, I took my mum along and we had a really fun evening. We were told to wear an item of pink clothing in support of Race for Life, and I wore my new pink bomber jacket which I am VERY obsessed with at the moment. There's a pic of my outfit on The Mall's Facebook page here! My mum wore a fuzzy pink pencil skirt and someone complimented her on it so she was pretty chuffed.

The show was hosted by Denise Van Outen and Mark Heyes and was separated into British summer themed sections - Wimbledon, The Great British Bake Off, Bristol Balloon Fiesta and so on. They had a Summer Solstice theme - my mum is a big archaeology fan and my family and I take the mickey out of her for loving Stonehenge, so we did have a good old lol when a massive photo of it appeared on the screen. 

After the catwalk show there was a blogging party at M&S which was so cute! They had manicures and hand massages available plus treats from the summer selection (I heart the bright colours) and clothing/beauty from SS16. I think M&S have such good stuff in at the moment - I love that olive green co-ord above, and the leather wrap skirt from the catwalk show is an absolute beauty too. She needs! 

Faye x

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