OOTD // Cold

Stripy Roll neck Primark
Trousers H&M
Trainers Topshop
Coat Topshop
Hat Local gift shop
Sunglasses ASOS

I thought I'd celebrate the two non-rainy days of the year so far by taking some outfit of the day pics. I bought this top in Primark recently - I think it must be officially illegal to enter this shop and not come out with at least one thing. However, I wish they would stop with the emojis. I love an upside down smiley as much as the next person, and an emoji keyring or two is a lol-fest but emoji sunglasses? Emoji scarf? Just stop now please. On that note, I saw a top in Primark that said 'I'm sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come'. Now is that not just VERY rude? What occasion would that be socially acceptable? Even as a joke it's a bit harsh. Didn't really mean to go off on one there - I love you (mostly) really Primark! 

Faye x

P.S Happy Valentine's Day. Or Galentine's Day if you're cool like Leslie Knope, My boyfriend and I are celebrating by getting each other nothing. Swoon! 

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