The Happiness Tag

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The Happiness Tag 

I saw this tag on Cakey Dreamer and it seemed ideal to do in January when it will not stop raining.

Here are things that make me happy:

My favourite type of music is Hip Hop/RnB/Grime. I particularly enjoy 1990s/2000s RnB (As we speak I'm listening to Aunt Dot by Lil' Kim. Download it - it's a tune and what's not to love about an album called The Notorious K.I.M?) I struggle to enjoy current chart music apart from a select few songs - I'm showing my age here but it really does sound all the same. However I do love Drake. I have a soft spot for boyband/girlband songs, again from the late 1990s/2000s. *NSYNC - yes please! 

I love David Nicholls and my favourite book of all time is One Day. I also quite enjoy books set in World War II/The Victorian era - don't really know why, I just find them particularly interesting. I also like children's classics like A Little Princess, I Capture the Castle and The Railway Children. The language they use pleases me greatly. For example, in The Railway Children one of them gets given a guinea pig and they describe it as a 'a real live guinea!', whilst one of them calls the baby  'a darling ducky baby'. I find it very cute and it amuses me.


My 5 fave films are Mean Girls, Uncle Buck, Hook, 3 Men and a Little Lady and The Social Network. I love a good Disney film, especially Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King or The Little Mermaid. I also like films with whales in which is why I'm very excited for In The Heart of the Sea. 

All the foods. I try and eat relatively healthily and let me tell you it's a struggle. I do like healthy food and I'm obsessed with fruit but I also like a lot of the unhealthy stuff. My faves include pizza, melted chocolate, crumpets, Malteaster bunnies, Hula Hoops, chip shop chips with TONS of salt and vinegar, Magnums, M&Ms... I could go on for a while.  Here I am enjoying three ice-creams in Dubai:

For some reason I like words with the letter x in - they sound very pleasing to my ears. Extrapolate and Lynx (the latter is an excellent word to use in hangman) are two of my favourites. I also like the words sparkle and bewitching. 

Hmmmm. I like the smell of grass because it means summer, and the smell of Christmas trees. I like the smell of cats. 

My other favourites are otters, Sali Hughes, when my nails all grow to a long length, getting into my pyjamas after a long day, pom poms, cherry blossom, glitter, seeing animals in the wild, Geordie Shore, quizzes, when people comment on my blog, fairy lights, crystals, lakes and this picture of a cat eating grapes:


My favourites are Atlantic PacificCoco's Tea Party Flying Saucer ,Maja WyhStyleaked, The Little Plum, The Style Rawr and Where Did You Get That

What things make you happy? Let me know! 

Faye x

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  1. Aw I'm glad you decided to do this tag too! I think I've found a new favourite word to say, extrapolate. THAT'S a good word to use in hangman! I love Mean Girls too, I haven't seen that film in so long!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer